10 ethical swimwear brands

Spring is here and summer is quickly approaching meaning we’re all just itching to run to the nearest beach or swimming pool!

If you’ve got a hankering for a new swimsuit, you need to check out these 10 AH-MAZING ethical and sustainable swimwear brands.

All of these brands proudly produce their clothing with the highest ethical standards and do their part to keep the environment in mind as well. Both wonderful things worth celebrating and supporting!

10 ethical swimwear brands

Here are 10 amazing ethical swimwear brands:

1. Reformation –

Known as the trendy staple site for sustainable clothing, reformation has a collection of incredible chic and adorable swimwear as well!

From one pieces to bikini’s, reformation has something for everyone.

2. Indigo Luna –

Also an athlesiure brand, indigo Luna creates it’s swimwear and clothing from textile waste and abandoned fishing nets.

Which is kind of cool to think about: Your swimsuit was once pollution in the ocean and now it’s a swimsuit in the ocean!

3. Azura Bay –

Azura Bay checks all the boxes: eco-friendly, ethically produces, stylish, fits well and high quality. You can shop confidently at Azura bay knowing the planet and it’s people are taken care of.

They’re packaging is also eco-friendly with 100% recycled boxes, polymailers and biodegradable tape!

4. Amara Tulum –

More swimsuits made from ocean waste! Amara Tulum is dedicated to keeping the environment green and safe.

They’re suits are classic and minimalistic and built to last for years to come!

5. Jessica Rey –

Made from recycled fishnets, these swimsuits are made entirely in Los Angeles meaning no sweatshops are used in the production of these suits!

My favorite thing about these suits is they are full coverage meaning your booty is in good hands!

6. Mara Hoffman – 

Clothing and swimsuits made from ethically sourced organic cotton and recycled materials.

Made in the USA or in partnership with artisans in developing countries. M

Mara Hoffman is probably the most expensive brand on this list but if you can afford it, it’s well worth the price as their garments are made incredibly well and built to last.

7. Hackwith design house –

Everything is made and signed right in Minnesota.  In a new tactic to help reduce waste, products usually aren’t made until they’re order to ensure they have the correct amount.

8. Summersalt –

The most fun, colorful printed swimsuits on this list! Made from recycled materials like old fishnets, summersalt is committed to always find new ways to be more eco-friendly.

9. Swoon Swimwear –

“Proudly made in the USA” everyone who had a hand in making these gorgeous swimsuits were paid a fair wage and treated the way humans are supposed to be treated: with the utmost respect.

Swoon aims to avoid the “ugle” side of the fashion industry at all costs by putting the environment and their employees first.

10. Patagonia – 

Patagonia, most famous for their outdoorsy sweaters and jackets also has a line of swimwear! A little more on the athletics side, these swimsuits are built for movement.

Using recycled materials and making sure their environmental impact is as little as possible, Patagonia also produces their items ethically. Which you can expect because it’s on a list of ethical swimwear brands 😉

ethical swimwear brands

And there are my 10 picks for ethical swimwear brands!

If you’re in the market for a new swimsuit, you need to check out these brands! They’re an investment in yourself and in the planet. And a darn good investment too!

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