Affordable ethical clothing brands

Affordable ethical clothing brands

Ethical fashion is expensive. Plain and simple. There’s no sugar coating it or beating around the bush. Why is it so expensive go?

Well when you break it down it’s not actually that expensive. Ethical clothing prices is what you should be paying when the people who made it was paid fairly and when the pieces were made with the planet in mind.

Not the cheap prices of sweatshop clothing we’re used to purchasing.

That being said, it is a shift. And it can be a difficult one when we have been purchasing $5 t-shirts and $20 jeans.

And not everybody can make the jump from those low prices to $100 jeans and I get that. I so get. I was in that boat for a long time after I made the decision to go ethical.

But if you’re still wanting to make a difference, I believe it’s possible. Here are some wonderful ethical brands on the more affordable side!

affordable ethical clothing brands

Affordable ethical clothing brands:

1. Everlane – $$-$$$

Everlane is a staple among the ethical fashion community ranging from basic tee’s and jeans to silk and cashmere. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find something that works for you!

Everlane’s clothes are produced in ethical factories where employees are paid and treated fairly. They also have their “re-new” collection which uses recycled plastic and have made a vow to have no new plastic in their stores by 2020.

Prices range from $12 – $235

2. Nobody’s child – $-$$

Nobody’s child is a very underrated brand in the community. They are a UK store that produces it’s clothing in house using deadstock fabric. Meaning they take left over fabric from other brands and factories that would end up in a landfill and use that to make their clothing.

Their clothing is very retro inspired and trend given, giving off a slight forever21 vibe. So if you’re not ready to call it quits on the styles you love, Nobody’s child is the perfect fit for you!

Prices range from £28 – £35

3. Thought Clothing – $$-$$$

Thought clothing has an incredibly large range of clothing from tees, sweaters, dresses and more! Everything you could want is in this store.

Their clothing is made from all natural textiles without the use of pesticides or harsh chemicals meaning they’re safer for you and the environment. And of course they’re manufactured in safe and responsible workplaces.

Prices range from £12 – £90

4. Pact – $-$$

Pact is fair trade factory certified meaning they use only the best factories in the world which empower and protect their employees. They also only use 100% organic cotton in their clothing so there’s no yucky chemicals in your product.

From leggings and t-shirts to dresses and pajamas, pact is a great place to start the foundation of your sustainable wardrobe with!

Prices range from $15-$45

5. Thread 4 Thought – $-$$

Threads 4 thought’s clothing line is a basic one but don’t let that underestimate you. From basic tees and tanks to workout gear, you won’t miss out on anything!

T4T only uses the most sustainable materials including organic cotton and recycled polyester and the most ethical factories which are held to an incredibly high standard. So you can feel confident knowing that what you’re wearing came from and was made the right way.

Prices range from $28-$165

6. Kotn – $-$$

Kotn is one of those stores I wished I owned everything from. They have the cutest tees, long tees, dresses, sweatpants and more!

They have entire control over their process from the farm where it’s grown to the factories it’s sewn. They work with responsible factories to create careers not jobs and ensure employee’s are paid fairly.

Prices range from $25 – $95

These are my top 6 go-to affordable ethical clothing brands! If you’re limited on money, just starting out or none of the above! Check out these stores, they’re all amazing, doing wondering things for people and the planet and worth supporting. I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

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