Autumn Essentials: products I can’t live without in the fall

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The air gets chilly, the nights get longer and everything just seems fresher and more cozy. So today I thought I’d do a little fun post and share with you my autumn essentials. AKA all the products and things that make fall better.


Let’s start with my absolute favorite fall-esq eye shadow. This tarte pallet is a wonderful combination of neutrals and warm colors with a few shimmer colors for those fancier days. I love it because it can easily transition from a day to evening look simply by adding a darker shade or a shimmer. These colors just scream fall to me from the browns and oranges to the golds and berry shade. This is honestly my go-to pallet for the fall time.


In keeping with the fall makeup theme, next up we have three items. First is this amazing berry-red nail polish from essence cosmetics in the shade “Do you speak love?” This shade does a nice job of pulling those dark hues of fall without being too-dramatically dark.

Next is another essence cosmetics product and it is indeed, the perfect fall blush called “autumn peach”. So it was made for this season exactly. I love the pigmentation of this blush, it’s not crazy but also not so subtle that you can’t tell it’s there. It does the perfect job of giving you naturally flushed cheeks that the cool air brings.

Then we have probably one of my favorite autumn essentials and that is a dark, dramatic lipstick. This is one by too-faced in the shade “drop dead red”. This shade isn’t subtle at all and I think that’s why I love it. One f my go-to fall looks is a dramatic, dark lip and minimal eye makeup.


And that brings us to one last beauty item. Lip masks. It might seem like an odd placement but I naturally have dry skin and dry lips and as soon as the weather starts getting cold there is no mercy for my poor lips. So I love doing a lip mask every now and them to bring back some much needed moisture to my lips. It seriously does wonders and I don’t know how I lived before lip masks were a thing.

Then, I naturally had to include a bath and body works product but surprisingly it isn’t a candle. It’s a wonderful hand-sanitizer. There’s nothing autumn-like about a sanitizer except for the scent: crisp apples. it smells like a cool fall morning at an apple orchard and it is heavenly. I enjoy keeping it with me not because I need to sanitize but purely for the smell.

And speaking of scents, that little ghost stick at the bottom is a car air freshener that smells like candy corn. ‘Nuff said.


And finally moving on to one of falls biggest glories: my favorite candle. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been much of a candle person. I tried to be, I really did. I tried to get on that bath and body works grind but honestly, they made me sick. Burning the candles made me nauseous and want to trow up. There’s just something about them. Most candles really until I gave DW home candles a try. I found these little guys at winners and I never looked back. Not only do they smell amazing but I’ve been lighting them for over a year and I haven’t felt sick yet. Yay! My go-too fall scent is honey pumpkin. You’ll have to try it for yourself because it’s amazing.


And finally one of my favorite fall essentials is….*drumroll please* the blanket scarf!! Woohoo! The ultimate fall accessory for adding layers, keeping you warm and completing an outfit. I la la love these scarves but my favorite is this plaid one. Doesn’t the pattern just simply describe fall?


And there you have it! My autumn essentials!

Leave a comment down below to let me know what products you can’t live without during the autumn months!


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