7 Benefits of buying Second-Hand

7 Benefits of buying Second-Hand

There’s just something about a thrift store. The smell, the texture and all the different people. When was the last time you were in a thrift store? For me, it’s been about 3 days. And I LOVE thrift stores.

the benefits of buying second hand

There are many reasons to love thrift shopping but I’ll be giving you the 7 benefits of buying second hand today so let’s dive right in!

benefits of buying second hand

1.It’s affordable

Let’s just start with the most obvious and probably the number one reason most people like to buy second hand. It’s affordable! $8 for a dress? $2 for a top? Seriously it’s amazing! I always think about how much the same shirt or dress would cost elsewhere and honestly there’s no comparing. If you do most of your shopping second hand, you could save hundreds.

2. Unique

No one else will have anything like it! (Most likely.)

You know when a new trend becomes popular and then suddenly everyone wearing the same thing? Especially growing up in a small town with about two clothing stores, literally everyone had the exact same clothes. So when buying second hand, your chances of being a clone is slim.

3. Hidden gems

You never know just what you’ll find when you walk into a thrift shop! And that’s the exciting part!

One time I found a genuine leather purse in perfect condition for only $2! That’s just mind boggling to me. Not to mention the name brand clothing that finds its way there. There are tons of hidden gems just waiting to be found!

4. Eco-Friendly

Think of it like clothes recycling. Believe it or not but clothes often end up in the garbage. Not only it is wasteful but it’s terrible for the environment. By donating and buying second hand you’re helping to keep the waste down and in turn, helping the environment in a small but significant way.

buying second hand

5. Vintage

Vintage and I mean REAL vintage. If that’s your thing. But it certainly should be. There’s nothing better than a good ole authentic piece of clothing. Grandma chic is in people, time to embrace it. And what better way than by buying the real thing!

6. It helps the community

One of the thrift stores in my home town donates 100% of the proceeds to helping third world countries! The other one actually reaches out and uses the proceeds to help those in our community. Both of which I think are absolutely wonderful! Each thrift store is different but most do outreach so by buying second hand you’re not only helping yourself and the environment but also those in your community and in other communities!

7. Helps stop the exploitation of poor countries

Speaking of third world countries, most of the clothes on the market come out of poor countries where they abuse and exploit men and women as well as children. They work long hours in terrible environments for very little pay.

Buying second hand clothing won’t stop this process overnight but with enough force it can send a sign to big industries to rethink their way of producing clothing.


And those are my top 7 benefits for buying second hand!

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