The best red cruelty free lipsticks for Christmas!

The best red cruelty free lipsticks for Christmas!

Nothing quite says Christmas like a bright, cheery red lip! And nothing says cheery quite like makeup that didn’t hurt a single animal along the way.

So if you’re in the market for the perfect, drop-dead red lipstick for Christmas then look no further! These are all 100% Cruelty-free lipsticks and did I mention they’re all from the drugstore??

Look at you, saving animals and money this holiday!

Red Cruelty-Free lipsticks:

CoverGirl Outlast all-day lip color in “Your classic red” 

You might be a little surprised to see covergirl on this cruelty free lipsticks list but if you hadn’t heard, covergirl is officially cruelty free! I couldn’t be more over the moon about this because I grew up on covergirl and making the switch to cruelty free makeup was tough in that department. But I’m happy to welcome the company back into my regime!

Now, onto this lipstick. This is hands down my favorite formula of lipsticks. You apply the color with the wand all over your lips, wait 1 minute for it to dry and then apply the balm on top for a glossy finish! You can also use this balm throughout the day to keep lips moisturized and from sticking together which is my least favorite things. And just like i’s name says it really is the perfect classic red. cruelty free lipsticks

Wet N Wild lipstick in “Raging Red”

One of the most affordable on the list comes this tried and true wet n wild lipstick. This shade is just ever so slightly darker than the rest on this list but don’t worry, it’s still a cheery bright red, perfect for any holiday shindig! cruelty free lipsticks

NYX Matte lipstick in “pure red” 

I LOVE the consistency of this lipstick, it dries so perfectly matte without it being to drying! This is a stunning bright red with just the most subtle orange undertones making it a perfect addition to any red lipstick collection. cruelty free lipsticks

NYC lipstick in”retro red” 

Another stunning affordable red lip and the last on this list! As the name suggests this is the exact shade I’d imagine was worn in the 1920s. Beautiful, pigmented, creamy and oh-so classy red! This is also the shade I wore to my prom. And I’m still in love with it!cruelty free lipsticks

And there you have it! The best red cruelty free lipsticks perfect for Christmas!

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