Best of Elf Cosmetics!

ELF is hands down one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. The company is always surprising me with the quaity of there products at such an amazing price. So I thought long and hard to narrow down my favorites and what I think are the best Elf cosmetics products!

1. Elf Moisturizing Lipstick

best of elf cosmetics
This is by far one of the creamiest lipsticks ever. It apply so smoothly, its not drying and it lasts all day. For about $3, it goes above and beyond all expectations.

2. Elf mad for matte eye shadow pallete
best of elf cosmetics
Wow wow. I’ve been obsessed with this pallete ever since I picked it up last fall.
It has such a range of colors that can take you from casual to dramatic, day to night in no time.
Also the pigmentation payoff is outstanding. And to top it all off the shadows are very easily blend-able.
It’ everything you could ever want in a pallete and then some. For around $11, it’s worth every penny.

3. Elf Makeup mist and set setting spray.

best of elf cosmetics
This product has been a life saver this summer.
I can’t sing it’s praises enough, once its on, my makeup does not budge even in the heat.

4. Elf contour pallete
best of elf cosmetics
This one is another bang for your buck. At $6 (Canadian) you’re getting 4 extremely pigmented, blend-able shades suited for most skin tones. I just love it! Elf cosmetics does it again!

5. Elf cosmetics eyebrow kit
best of elf cosmtics
What was I even doing with my eyebrows before this guy??
Small but powerful this product comes equipped with a colored eyebrow gel and a setting powder to ensure your brows stay in place all day! Small and mighty is the best description for this kit.

6. Elf baked highlight
best of elf cosmetics
I’ve seen nothing but mixed reviews on this product. Some saying it’s not good and that you have to scrape the top layer off to actually get the product to work.
However, I have found this to be one amazing product. Especially for the price tag. This isn’t an overly dramatic highlight but for an everyday glow, you can’t go wrong.

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