The best nude lipsticks for pale skin

Nude lipstick is all the rage right now and I’ll admit I’ve fallen into the trend. However being the palest of pale, nude lipstick can be a challenge. It instantly washes me out! So it’s been a learning curve to find those “Nude” lipsticks that suit my skin tone. So here are my top picks of, none traditional nude lipsticks that are perfect for pale skin.

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nude lipsticks for pale skin

1.  Wet n Wild – just peachy – I love the peachy tone (obvi) of this lipstick. It adds a subtle pop of color to an otherwise boring nude lipstick.

nude lipsticks for pale skin

2. Essence – Perfect Match- I love the darker tone to this lipstick. Absolutely gorgeous and compliments my pale skin perfectly without being to dramatic.

nude lipstick for pale skin

3. Maybelline – Pink me up – I love the subtle hint of pink this lipstick adds. One of my absolute favorite nude lipsticks for pale skin.

nude lipsticks for pale skin

4. L’oreal – Eva’s Nude – This is one of the most “traditional” nudes on the list. I love that it’s only slightly darker than your average nude lipstick which makes it perfect for pale skin.

nude lipsticks for pale skin

5. Tarte- living – The only high end product on this list. (Because if you know me, you know I’m not a huge fan of spending money on high end products.) But still a great nude lipsticks for pale skin. And the wear is absolutely amazing.nude lipsticks for pale skin


And that concludes my list for the best nude lipsticks for pale skin! Go out into the world, fellow pale skins and rock those nude lips!




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