Braids for Short Hair

Short hair is absolutely amazing. Its freeing, versatile and oh so cute. However I do find one problem. It’s awfully hard to find a good way to get it out of your face in the summer time.

The option of throwing it up into a bun or ponytail is gone. But I’m here to offer  you hope. Here are some super easy and cute braids for short hair!

1.French braid bangsbraids for short hair

One of my favorite, go to hairstyles since forever! Starting with a deep side part, begin french braiding your bangs until you get to about you ear and then stop french braiding and continue with a regular braid until you reach the end of you hair. Then simply bobby pin the braid underneath the rest of your hair and voila! You’ve got your hair out of the way on those super gross and sweaty days.


2. Bo-ho esq braid

braids for short hair

Braid number two is probably the easiest. Simply gather the top section of your hair as if you were going to do a half up half down pony tail. Instead, braid the hair normally and tie off the end with an elastic and then pull apart the braid to create less structure and give it a more full and boho look.

3. Braided pigtails

braids for short hair

And finally, braid number three! I la la love this look! Start off with a middle part and begin french braiding your hair all the way down. Instead of finishing the braid, when you get to the nape of your neck, tie it off into a pigtail! Repeat on the other side and that’s it!

To see the braids for short hair tutorials in action, check out the video below!


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