Compostable Closet: Why Materials Matter

*This post contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using these links. I only recommend products I…

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How to Curate a Conscious Closet from Scratch

There’s more to having a conscious closet than just neutral colors and minimally designed clothes. Though that’s definitely an appeal for a lot of people. Slow fashion shouldn’t just be…

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15 ways to upcycle old clothing

An alarming amount of our clothing ends up in landfills. If something gets a stain or a rip, we often just throw it in the garbage without giving it a…

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Ethical Staples to Kick Start your Summer Wardrobe

I always say that my favorite season is a new season. I get so excited with each change in the season and fall in love with fashion and the planet…

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How to take care of your clothes & make them last

One of the main issues with clothing is that the pieces we buy at the mall aren’t well made and often fall apart within a few months. This leads us…

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Sustainable Active Wear Brands

Exercising has become such a huge and important thing in my life. It’s one of the many ways I perform self-care.  Growing up I used Walmart’s workout clothes or whatever…

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