How to Host a Low Waste Party

The holidays are truly the most wasteful time of the year. It’s estimated that between thanksgiving and new years 25% more waste is produced. That’s about 1 million extra tons…

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Zero Waste Online Stores for Package Free Shopping

A lot of zero waste items are largely unavailable to the large masses. This makes it difficult to swap a lot of our single-use items for reusables. And because these…

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How to Shop Sustainably without Bulk Options

There is a shockingly large amount of people who don’t have access to bulk options or a dedicated bulk store. Personally, our local grocery store only has a small bulk…

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How to go Zero Waste on a Budget

So you want to go zero-waste but don’t have lots to invest? Then you’ve come to the right place! When I started my journey to zero-waste living almost 3 years…

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How to deal with environmental guilt

Environmental guilt. Also known as “eco-anxiety” is the feeling that you’re not doing enough to prevent climate change or help save the planet. It’s a very real feeling and it’s…

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20 Surprising things that contain plastic

It’s no surprise that we’re in a bit of a plastic crisis at the moment. But there are a lot of surprising things that contain plastic. These are things we…

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