Causebox: Review and unboxing

Causebox has been ALL over the internet lately. At least that’s what it feels like. Everywhere you turn on the web, you’ll likely see an ad for the subscription company. And a good thing too, or I would have never heard of them!

(Causebox is not a sponsor of this post however I am a causebox affiliate meaning if you decided to purchase this amazing subscription service through one of the links on this page, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. To see our full disclosure, click here.)

CauseBox is an amazing quarterly subscription service that gives you hundreds of dollars worth of ethically and sustainably made products for only $54.99! Which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

I’ve tried a couple of subscriptions boxes before but hadn’t found one that quite fit all of my standards until now.

The causebox subscription is like FabFitFun, offering a variety of products designed and handpicked for women only with causebox you know the products are amazing for you and for the environment!  (No shade to fabfitfun, they are also a great subscription service)

So after all of the ads, I kept seeing I decided to take the plunge and order my first box. I wasn’t able to get the fall box but I did snag the fall welcome box which is just a smaller version for those who signed up after the fall box went out.

So let’s jump into my causebox review and unboxing!

First things first, here is a quick overview of everything I got in my box!

causebox review

Now let’s dive in. First, with the welcome box, you got to use a special code that got you a s’well water bottle. I don’t know if you know anything about s’well bottles but they’re definitely not cheap. Which is why, until now I have never owned one.

But I’m pleased to say that the hype lives up. Its a super sleek and polished stainless steel bottle that kept my water cold, not cool, COLD for an entire day! I absolutely love it. This particular color is not one that I would have chosen for myself but I can’t complain, it was a free gift!

causebox review

Next in the box, I received two Zoya nail polishes in this gorgeous nude color and this pretty pink-toned color!

Zoya is a chemical-free nail polishe, but not just chemical free, they are 10 free meaning they are free from the top ten chemicals found in nail polishes. Which is just something I’m super excited about.

To learn all about chemical-free nail polish and why you should be using it, read my post here.

causebox review

Next up I got this to-die-for clutch by October Jaipur. There were two variations of the clutch, one black and one nude and I received the nude on.

This clutch is absolutely beautifully made, the quality is clearly seen. And it was handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, India.

It’s the perfect addition to any wardrobe and great for on the go because it’ll go with anything AND it’s incredibly spacious on the inside!

causebox review

causebox review

I also received an eyeshadow pallete from REALHER beauty that is not only cruelty free but also formulated without parabens! Can I get a “heck yeah!”?

I’m huge on cruelty free and natural makeup.

To make this palette even better it was made ethically and is eco-friendly! Everything I love in a product! Plus, it even came with an eyeshadow brush so you’re all set!

causebox review

Alright. This next product. Oh boy I am through the roof for this product.

I have always wanted to get on the candle train but every. single time. I lit a candle, I would get such intense headaches. S much money wasted at bath and body works. Sigh.

I cam to the realization that the reason the candles made me feel so sick was because they’re loaded with chemicals and when you light them they enter the air and ourselves. Gross and just not cool.

Which is why I was so excited to get and try out these 100% soy-wax candles from PF Candle Co! Not only are they soy-wax based but they’re make without phthalates which are amazing. I was nervous the first time I had this bad boy lit but I had it going for several hours and didn’t feel sick at all. In fact, it filled the room with a subtle, lovely fragrance.

I have found my new favorite candle company and I’m not looking back, thanks to causebox!

causebox review

This next product is another one I’m really excited about. This cotton scarf by Bloom & Give was loomed by artisans in India. I believe this scarf also came in a few colors and I was lucky enough to receive the blue-ish grey and white striped one.

Through partnerships and sales this company is able to sponsor 50 girls to attend “Doorsa Dashak Camp” In India which is a place where they can receive empowerment and education. These girls often had to leave the school system and some even had to leave in order to be child brides. This program and this camp give them a second chance.

I just love supporting brands that do good work. And I just have to say that this is the softest, most luxurious scarf I have ever owned.

causebox review

causebox review

Second to last was this amazing hand repair cream from Scentuals. Their name is a pun and I LOVE it!

Not only does this stuff smell amazing, moisturize like crazy but it also absorbs and dries really fast meaning no greasy hands after applying which I love!

They only use the best of the best ingredients and donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Canadian cancer society!

causebox review

And lastly, at the bottom of the box was the most precious and dainty earrings. These came in both gold and silver finish and I was lucky enough to receive the silver finish.

These are hand made in Kenya by artisans who are being empowered to sustainably support themselves and grow their businesses and markets.

causebox review

And there you have the unboxing! That is everything I received in my fall welcome box!

Each and every one of these products excites me so much for the stories they tell and the mission they have. Each of is working to provide not only a safer environment and product for us as consumers but also for their employees which is the most important. And more than that they reach out and do good work in small or third world communities.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about this box, I am so excited to have found a subscription box that fits all of my standards and does good for people and the planet.

To get your very own causebox subscription or to learn more from the company themselves,click here!

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causebox review


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