Sustainable clothing brands that use recycled materials

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A lot more brands these days are becoming more conscious of what materials they’re using in production.

This is super exciting! While using recycled materials to make clothing isn’t new, it’s great to see more brands jumping on the bandwagon.

Not only does this significantly reduce waste made by clothing brands but it also helps clean up mother nature by taking man made items like plastic, that won’t break down, and re-purposes them to give them new life.

brands that use recycled materials

So, without further ado, here are my 5 favorite clothing brands that use recycled materials:

1. Everlane “Re-New” collection Everlane is a staple in the ethical fashion community. They partner with amazing factories that put the health and safety of their employees first.

They recently introduced their “ReNew” collection of sweaters and jackets made of recycled water bottles. They have even vowed to use no new plastic in their clothing by 2021. Which is an incredible commitment.

2. Girlfriend Collective – You probably know then from their AH-MAZING workout attire. But did you know that their clothing is made from recycled plastic?

How cool is it that a piece of plastic can turn into an actual piece of clothing? Girlfriend collective is doing everything right and more people need to know about them and be more like them.

3. Patagonia – A famous brand for their fashionable, outdoorsy wear. Everyone and their mother owns a patagonia jacket. No? well you get what I’m saying.

I love this brand because they are pioneers in using recycled materials. From recycled down from old cushions, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled wool and reclaimed cotton. Yes, they use lot’s and lot’s of recycled materials in their pieces and I am here for it.

4. Indigo Luna – This brand makes THE cutest swimwear and leggings. (Among other products) Not only is the clothing produced ethical they also use ECONYL which is a material made from ghost fishing nets. These are abandoned fishing nets that are left and cause serious harm to marine life.

Indigo Luna takes these nets and recycles them into amazing, eco-friendly and durable swimwear and yoga wear!

5. Tonle A brand that prides themselves in being zero-waste. They use factory material scraps and unique pattern making to ensure that all materials are used. Even all scraps from this process are used to make clothing tags!

How cool is this brand?? And they have everything a girl could want from dressed and tops to jackets and jewelry, it truly is a one stop shop!


And there you have it! 5 amazing brands that are doing amazing things for our planet by using recycled materials to help clean up the earth! Know of any other brands to add to this list? Let me know down below!

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