College Outfit Ideas

For a lot of us, college is just around the corner or may have already started! For me, I’m starting my first year of college in just a few weeks!

With each new school year, high school or college comes a time to almost reinvent yourself or set a new impression. If you’re looking for a little outfit inspo then just keep reading!

Here are my college outfit ideas: (that work for high school too!)

Outfit #1

college outfit ideas

What’s a school outfit if not comfy? Most days it’s hard enough to get out of bed and to school on time let alone throw together a glamorous outfit. Here I’ve taken a cozy pair of legginings and dressed it up a little with this blue and white stripped button down. A bonus is the top is long enough to cover my booty so I don’t feel too exposed. Adding a simple pair of white sneakers helps the casual vibe.

Outfit #2

college outfit ideas

Another super casual look because there is nothing wrong with a simple sweater and jeans combo! In fact, there’s everything right with it. This is perfect for those chillier days. Simply tuck the front of the sweater into the jeans for an instantly chic look and pair with the same white sneakers (because I’m obsessed!)

Outfit #3

college outfit ideas

Casual yet “dressy” if you can even call it that. Well, dressier than leggings anyway. This t-shirt dress honestly feels so soft it’s like a cloud. And pair perfectly with some little ankle booties. The best part is adding a cardigan either as an accessory or putting it on if it gets a little cold! Win win!

Outfit #4

college outfit ideas

You’ll notice a theme where I’m all about that comf life. I don’t have any time to be uncomfortable while I’m studying my butt off in class! I’m a big fan of the black on black look so I took these loose, jogger like pants and paired them with a black tank top. To give a little variety I added a cropped denim jacket.

Outfit #5 

college outfit ideas

And finally, it wouldn’t be a college outfit ideas post without at least one outfit containing sweats. Because #lazy. The key to making sweats *not* look like you just rolled out of bed is pair loose fitting sweats with a tighter fitting top. This adds dimension as well as balance. Use a cropped sweater or jacket to tie the whole outfit together!

And those are my back to school outfit ideas! Perfect for college, university or high school!

Let me know which outfit was your favorite and don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest! And as always, follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration!



college outfit ideas


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