Cruelty Free Christmas Makeup

Cruelty Free Christmas Makeup

Nothing says Christmas like bright red lips and a sparkly eye shadow. At least, that’s what I say anyway. So today I decided to do a little Christmas makeup tutorial featuring exclusively cruelty free products because I don’t stand for products that hurt animals, people or the planet.

So without further ado, let’s get into the tutorial!


Cruelty Free Christmas Makeup:

First things first I always like to start with my eyebrows. There’s no real reason for this, it’s simply a preference.

I’m taking my “Milani “stay put brown colour” and simply fill in my brows. There’s no method to this madness and I’m not too particular I just make sure there are no bald spots.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

Next, it’s time for eye shadow base so our lids can be poppin’ bright all Christmas season long!

I’m using my trusty essence “I <3 stage” eye shadow base.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

After that, it’s time for some super simple, but effective, eye shadow. I’m starting by not using an eye shadow at all but instead a highlighter. That’s right. To get the perfect shimmering lid I’m taking my becca cosmetics shimmering face perfecter in “prosecco pop” and using my finger, applying it all over my lids.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

To define my eyes a little bit more I’m taking a muted taupe colour and applying it ever so slightly to my crease to add dimension and really define the look.

I’m using the shade “strong” from my realher eye shadow pallet.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

To finish off the eye look I’m just adding a few coats of my tarte “tarteist” mascara.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

Once the eyes are finished and set it’s time to move onto the foundation. I LOVE the pacifica “crystal blur illuminating foundation”

I like to mix it with a drop or two of moisturizer to make the perfect bb cream! I just use my beauty blender to apply it all over my face.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

Next up is concealer so I don’t look like the zombie that I am at all the Christmas parties I have to attend!

My go-to concealer is the wet n wild megaglo “makeup concealer stick”

This stuff is seriously so creamy and blends like a dream. I like using my finger to apply this, I find the warmth in my hands blends it out a lot faster.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

Then to bring a little warmth back into my pale face I’m adding just a hint of bronzer. I’m not one to go overboard or “full glam” on my makeup looks so I’m just lightly dusting my favorite bronzer from physicians formula on my cheekbones and bringing it up into my temples. (Go ahead and make some duck lips, it helps, trust me.)

cruelty free Christmas makeup

For added color, it’s time for blush! I’m all for natural-looking flushed cheeks in the wintertime so during the colder seasons I opt for a darker, warmer blush color like this one from wet n wild in the shade “melon-wine”

This is a gorgeous, natural-looking shade that I die for at this time of the year. I find it compliments my pale skin beautifully.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

Next, we’re bringing back the highlighter! To tie in the highlight that I used on my eyes I’m going to be applying it as it’s intended purpose and using it as a highlight! This becca highlighter is what I call my “holiday highlight” because it’s gold and a little bight blinding and definitely not something I’d wear every day.

So it’s perfect for these holiday occasions. I’m just applying it to my cheekbones, cupids bow and the tip of my nose.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

And finally, it’s time for the bell of the ball: The red lips. No Christmas look (in my opinion) is complete without some good ole bright red lips. But first things first to be careful I’m applying a red lip liner from essence cosmetics.


cruelty free Christmas makeup

And now: Lipstick. I’m using this AH-mazing red liquid lipstick from covergirl (because they’re cruelty-free now!!!!)

This shade is they’re outlast all day lip color in”your classic red”

This lipstick is a two-part application process first applying the red color and waiting a minute for it to dry and set.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

And after that, I’m just applying the clear balm! What makes this lipstick such a winner for me is that you can keep applying the balm throughout the day so your lips don’t get sticky or dried out.

cruelty free Christmas makeup

And voila! My super simple cruelty-free Christmas makeup look!

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Scrolled to the end did ya? If you’d rather watch the tutorial, you can check out the video down below!

cruelty free Christmas makeup



  1. December 18, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    I didn’t know Cover Girl was now cruelty free. That’s great! Love the look. Very natural but still with some holiday glam!


    • Caity Rose
      December 18, 2018 / 7:47 pm

      Yes! They just became cruelty free, it’s super exciting!

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