Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup Brands

I’ve been taking a real hard look in the mirror these days. Making some much needed changes in what I buy and consume and the effects it has on the world. I’m starting with the clothes I wear and the products I put on my face.

That being said, I still don’t like spending a ton of money on products. And since a ton of high end makeup companies are cruelty free I figured that must be the way to go. While that’s fine, there are a LOT’S of cruelty free drugstore makeup brands as well, perfect for any budget!

So here are some of the best cruelty free drugstore makeup brands!

cruelty free drugstore makeup brands

*UPDATE: Wet N Wild can no longer be considered cruelty free as they have recently been found out to be selling in China. (Which requires products to be tested on animals)

As you can see, there are TONS of cruelty free drugstore brands to choose from that fit every budget! But that being said, if you’re serious about only buying from brands that don’t test on animals there are a few brands to be aware of.

*UPDATE: Covergirl is officially leaping bunny certified cruelty free!! Rejoice!

I was a little devastated to find that Maybelline still tests on animals. For so long they were my favorite brand. I’s been a hard transition to stop supporting the company. But I want to feel good about the companies I support and the products I put on my face.

There you have it! Cruelty free drugstore makeup brands you can feel good about supporting!

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