Cruelty free Skin care routine

Cruelty free Skin care routine

I have become a bit of a skincare fanatic over the past year. I’m obsessed with trying out new products and finding what works for me.

Since going 100% cruelty-free this past year as well I found there were a lot of products in my skincare routine that I was gonna have to swap out.

I’ve found a handful of new products that I am over the moon about! A lot of them are the body shop products but this post isn’t sponsored! I’m just obsessed with their brand and everything they stand for!

So without further ado, here is my

Cruelty-free skincare routine:

1. Cleanser: The body shop “vitamin E” cream cleaner

So the first step in any skincare routine is to cleanse your skin. I love this cream cleanser from the body shop.

I prefer cream cleansers over “regular” cleansers because I don’t have to rinse my face in between.

I simply apply this cleanser like a moisturizer, wait a few seconds and wipe it off with reusable cotton round!

cruelty free skin care

2. Toner: Thayer’s peach and witch hazel 

Next up is toner. And I’ll admit, I never thought toner was important until recently.

But as it turns out there are tons of benefits to toner. Such as hydration, reducing acne, tightening pores and detoxification.

I love this Thayers peach and wt=itch hazel toner. It smells AH-mazing! I just use a reusable cotton round to apply it evenly to my face and neck.

cruelty free skin care

3. Spot treatment: The body shop “tea tree oil” daily solution

Then, on days I have blemishes or can feel them coming I like to use the body shop’s tree tea oil daily solution.

It’s safe gentle enough to be used every day but like I said I only apply it when needed and to the areas that are affected.

cruelty free skin care

4. Serum: The body shop “vitamin C” skin boost instant smoother

Next up is serum! Again, a serum is a product I didn’t think was necessary until I tried it out. Now, I’m never going back.

I’m obsessed with the vitamin C line from the body shop so I pick up the vitamin C “skin boost instant smoother” serum and after only a few days of use I have noticed a huge difference!

It truly has left my skin feeling and visibly looking smoother.

Plus this guy also acts like a primer which is perfect in the morning right before I apply my makeup. It creates a lovely barrier between my skin and my makeup.

cruelty free skin care

5. Argan oil: Measurable difference argan oil 

Then it’s time for the newest addition to my cruelty-free skincare routine: Argan oil!

This stuff has truly been a lifesaver this winter season. Because it’s been a tough one and my skin was suffering badly.

I apply a few drops right before my moisturizer to help lock in and seal moisture. Which is actually does. After a week of using I noticed a HUGE difference. My skin stopped flaking and immediately I felt relief.

cruelty free skin care

6.  Moisturizer: The body shop “vitamin C” glow boosting moisturizer 

And the last step in my skincare routine is…wait for it…MOISTURIZER!

Yes, of course. I couldn’t leave out the finishing touch. I’m using from the body shop’s Vitamin C line again. (I told you I was a fan.)

I adore the way it smells, it’s so refreshing! The consistency is amazing. Light and cool.

I’m actually so impressed with this line. It really does brighten my skin and give that glow that I’ve always wanted.

cruelty free skin care

And that concludes my cruelty-free skincare routine! Have you tried any of these products?? Leave a comment and let me know!

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