DIY non-toxic Micellar Water

DIY non-toxic Micellar Water

I’ve used micellar water to remove my makeup for years. I love everything about it, from how gently it dissolves makeup to how well it cleanses my skin. 

But I’ve been using completely non-toxic products for over a year now and non-toxic micellar waters can run a bit expensive. 

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I really wanted to find a way to make my own. But it had to check all the boxes.

  • Dissolve my makeup gently, without harsh rubbing
  • Cleanse my skin
  • Be all-natural
  • Be gentle on my eyes
  • Save me money

It took a lot of research and experimenting, but I’ve come up with the perfect solution! I’ve fallen in love with this DIY micellar water and I know you will too.

First, how is micellar water so different from regular makeup remover?

Micellar water is made up of molecules called ‘micelles’ which are basically little balls of oil that attract and lift first from the pores. It’s basically oil-based whereas most makeup removers are not. 

So by using micellar water you’re removing makeup, cleansing your skin and actively moisturizing all at the same time.

The micellar water I had been using for years was not non-toxic. The micelles were mixed with chemicals which seems counterintuitive. The micelles would try to lift dirt only for the toxins to clog the pores up again. 

Using non-toxic products on our skin and in our homes is so important. The chemicals used in our everyday products have so much power to harm us.

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This is why this DIY micellar water is perfect for you! It contains only 5 ingredients, all of which are completely natural and you guessed it, non-toxic!

These ingredients might seem intimidating and like “more things you have to buy”. But I promise they’re worth it. These are ingredients that you can use for countless homemade products and DIYs making it worth the small investment! Especially when you don’t have to buy these products over and over again. 

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DIY non-toxic micellar water

Here’s what you’ll need:

Jojoba oil (get it here)

Jojoba oil is gentle and perfect for those with sensitive skin. It’s non-greasy like you’d expect an oil to be and super hydrating. Not only is it moisturizing but it’s moisture locks in so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry.

Coconut oil (get it here)

What would a skincare DIY be without coconut oil? Some people swear by using just coconut oil as a makeup remover. Which works, I just prefer the added benefits of the rest of the ingredients. 

Coconut oil works to dissolve your makeup and contains antimicrobial properties that have actually been known to help treat acne and protect your skin from other harmful bacteria. 

It’s important to use liquid coconut oil instead of regular coconut oil. If you just use regular coconut oil that you melted it tends to solidify in the mixture. Liquid coconut oil won’t do this so it’s the better option.

Almond oil (get it here)

This ingredient isn’t a necessity for this recipe. If you’re allergic to nuts, I’d obviously advise you to stay clear of it. But if not, almond oil adds extra moisture, reduces puffiness and helps to even skin tone. So definitely a bonus and one of my favorite parts of this recipe!

Vegetable Glycerin (get it here)

Vegetable glycerin is yet another moisture-locking agent that also works to smooth the skin. When mixed with these other oils it helps to break down dirt and makeup particles. 

All of these oils contain the micelles needed to cleanse your skin. 

Witch Hazel (get it here)

Witch hazel is the main ingredient in most toners that everyone’s obsessed with. And for good reason. It helps fight acne, relieves inflammation, reduces irritation and tightens pores. 


Simply combine all the ingredients and store in a sealable container and use it with a reusable cotton round to remove makeup!

I use these amber bottles for all of my homemade products! 

This recipe is easy to make and feels exactly like any store-bought version, if not better! But you’ll see for yourself once you make this DIY micellar water!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this non-toxic DIY! Please don’t forget to share this post and follow me on Instagram for daily non-toxic and low waste lifestyle inspiration!


DIY micellar water





  1. holly kitko
    May 13, 2020 / 2:14 pm

    I love this so much!

    • Caity Rose
      May 13, 2020 / 7:44 pm

      Thank you! I hope you get the chance to try it out! 🙂

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