Ethical capsule wardrobe for fall

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I’ve been fascinated with the idea of building a capsule wardrobe lately. One of the biggest issues with the fast fashion industry is over-buying because everything is so accessible and cheap.

But as we know that’s just an endless rabbit hole with countless money spent, resources wasted and chemicals floating around. And at the end of it all, we still find ourselves saying “I have nothing to wear!”

How can that be?? So we simply go out and buy more and the cycle continues. I know because I’ve been guilty of it.

So what is a solution to this problem? Well for starters, sustainable fashion. But that is another topic for another post that will be coming shortly.

Another great solution is a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is simply a collection of staples and essentials that never go out of style. So you can wear them for years to come and style them endless ways.

And what better way to build a capsule wardrobe than building an ethical and sustainable one. One built smarter and made to last for years to come.

So I’ve put together an Eco-conscious and ethically made wardrobe perfect for the fall. I even spiced it up by adding a pop of color or two.

My ethical capsule wardrobe for fall

ethical capsule wardrobe


1. Frank and oak “The boy tee in white 

A classic fit made from 100% cotton. This piece is versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.

2. FashionABLE “Katy scoop tee in olive

A loose and comfy fitting tee with longer sleeves for an added silhouette. The olive green is a gorgeous, subtle ode to fall.


3. Frank and oak “donegal cardigan in light beige

Loose fitted mid-length cardigan made with 30% wool and 70% acrylic for a super soft sweater with slight balloon sleeves.

4. Asos design “eco cardigan in oversized fine knit” 

This orange cardigan adds a nice vibrant splash to your minimal wardrobe. This cardigan is made from recycled polyester. Aka recycled water bottles.

5. Asos design “denim shrunken jacket in washed black 

Made with 100% non-stretch cotton. This jacket is suitable for workwear and party-wear and perfect for the cool, crisp air.

Long sleeves/ sweaters:

6. FashionABLE “Fiorella blouse in stripes”  

Lightweight blouse perfect for layering with an added tie-front for extra flare.

7. KOTN “Fitted turtleneck in alabaster”  

This slim-fitting turtleneck is made with stretchy micro-rib cotton jersey for a soft feel.

8. KOTN “cropped sweater in black

 A versatile drop-shoulder sweater with a cropped hem and stitched tonal seams.

9. KOTN “90s sweatshirt in crush” 

Having a boxier fit with longer sleeves gives off vibes straight from the 90s. Another pop of orange to give you all the fall vibes and make you stand out.

ethical capsule wwardrobe


10. Frank and oak “The grant Tencel pant in true black”  

Another versatile piece that can easily take you from work to play in little effort. Made from Tencel, a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric sourced from regenerated wood.

11. Frank and oak “Organic cotton a-line flare pants 

Made from organic cotton, linen and a hint of spandex for movement. Plaid just simply says “fall” a perfect staple piece with a little added flare for the season.

12. Asos design “Petite ridley high waist skinny jeans in light wash

Supports CmiA (Cotton made in Africa) which supports sustainable farming. A classic blue jean is a staple every girl needs in her closet.

13. Asos design “denim pelmet skirt in midwash blue”

Also supporting CmiA, this mid-rise skirt is versatile and easily layered with tights or knee-high socks as the weather cools off.

14. Asos design “midi skirt with front split” 

Made from t-shirt like material this skirt is soft, stretchy and comfy. Made with 94% cotton and 6% spandex.


15. Asos design “Cotton mini shirt dress

Made from, you guessed it, 100% cotton and apart of the better farming initiative to help improve farming globally for the environment and those who do the farming. This dress is delicate and plain and can be styled in endless ways.


16. Asos design “manic flat brogues

A classic fall oxford style shoe made with vegan leather and fewer chemicals. The perfect shoe to pair with any outfit.

17. FashionABLE “Diana Chelsea boot in almond

A fresh, tan-colored ankle boot for fall. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, these boots were hand made in Peru and will add a boho vibe to any outfit.


And there you have it! My picks for a minimal, ethical, sustainable capsule wardrobe for fall! (All of these words really make for a mouth full!)

I hope this post inspired or encouraged you to start your own capsule wardrobe or just gave you some fall wardrobe ideas!

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Interested more in ethical and sustainable fashion? Read my post on how I’m transitioning my wardrobe and why I decided to make the switch!


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