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4 ethical jewelry brands you need to know about

When diving into the ethical fashion realm, it can be easy to overlook many different products that we wouldn’t even think to be un-ethical.

Jewelry is no exception. It is an extension of fashion and clothing, and is quite often made un-ethically.

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Here are some of my favorite ethical jewelry brands!

ethical jewelry brands

  1. 31 Bits – Named after Proverbs 31, “which describes a diligent woman providing and caring for her family.” Their products are made by artisans in a safe, family-like environment where they are treated like real people. They sell bags, kids clothing and tableware’s but their jewelry is what really shines to me. Each piece is hand-crafted and unique. Plus majority of the items are under $100.
  2. FashionABLE – Another brand that sells everything from bags to clothing but the jewelry is so unique, you’d think it was purely an ethical jewelry brand. Each piece is handmade by women in an effort to employ and help put an end to generational poverty.
  3. Soko – Using only local and eco-friendly materials, this brand employs artisan entrepreneurs to help them earn a living and grow their business. Their pieces are geared toward the everyday modern woman with designs inspired by architecture. You honestly have to look for yourself, these products are GORGEOUS.
  4. Tribe of lambs – Another brand I’m over the moon about. They create such funky and unique pieces that will surely make you stand out. Everything is produced ethically in India and they use their profits to help HIV positive kids there. So not only are you getting fantastic jewelry, produced ethically but your money is also going to a great cause.

And there you have it! 4 fantastic companies with wonderful ethics to get ethical jewelry. I just love purchases that I can feel good about knowing where they came from, who made them and how they were made. I hope you do too!

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ethical jewelry brands

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