Fair trade gifts that give back

There are many occasions to give someone a gift. But whatever the occasion, I think it’s important to gift with meaning. In this case, gifts that give back to animals, the planet or communities. 

All of these gifts are ethically and sustainably made with the added bonus of giving back with every purchase. 

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fair trade gifts that give back

Here are 8 ideas for fair trade gifts that give back:

Round plus square Bandanna 

Round plus square is an amazing ethical brand that goes the extra mile for there workers and for the planet. 10% of each purchase gives back to “equality now”. An organization fighting for equal rights for everyone.

This bandanna is so cute, soft and versatile with a powerful message.And woman in your life would be proud to wear it. 

Azura Bay organic cotton robe 

Azura Bay donates a portion of all sales to  number of organizations including WWF, Because I am a girl and nature conservancy of Canada.

Everyone loves gifting and receiving cozy lounge wear especially around the holiday season. Gift this amazing, organic robe that feels like a dream. 

Pela phone case 

Not only are these phone cases adorable but they’re completely compostable and there’s really something for everyone here.

Pela is apart of 1% for the planet which is a global movement that donates 1% of their entire annual revenue to environmental organizations around the world. 

31 Bits together bracelet 

31 bits gives back by helping communities by using materials sourced in the country they’re made. They also give back by preserving artisan traditions and providing work in third world countries. 

This together bracelet perfectly encompasses their mission and is modern enough for any girl.

Ten thousand villages meow mug & tea strainer

Ok, this mug is perfect for anyone but especially for any cat lover in your life. 

What makes supporting this brand even better is how they partner with, employ and give back to small communities. Each item you purchase is hand made and gives back to the person who made it. 

Causebox subscription

Causebox is a seasonal subscription box full of ethical, fair trade and sustainable times ranging from apparel, jewelry, home goods, accessories, beauty products and so much more! 

Not only does causebox partner with and employ artisans but they also do their fair share of giving back. Some organizations they’ve worked with include Freedom Firm, Speak Your Silence, The Jessie Reese Foundation and Trees for the Future.

If you’re not sure what the recipient would like this is a great option. 

Accompnay tiger print satin eyemask

Accompanny works with artisans to make one of kind, fair trade items. They give a percentage of their profits to various charities that benefit the community where their products are made. 

This eye mask makes a great “luxurious” gift without the price tag.

Earth Hero Stainless steel insulated tumbler 

Perfect for both hot and cold drinks, this tumbler is great for reducing your plastic/paper waste while on the go! It’s sleek and will match anyone’s taste!

Earth hero is apart of 1% for the planet meaning they donate 1% of their annual sales to sustainability projects and organizations.

Meaning not only is this gift helping reduce waste but also helping to preserve the planet. 

And there you have it! This year, give gifts that matter. Give fair trade gifts that give back. Not only to the recipient but to those who made the item and to those you don’t even know of!

I think it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to give a gift that supports not only another human being but also the very planet we walk on. 

I hope this gave you some inspiration for shopping consciously this year!

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