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Fast fashion brands that offer eco-friendly lines

fast fashion brands that offer eco friendly lines

Fast fashion is often a dirty word in the slow fashion/conscious living community. Because fast fashion naturally, the complete opposite of slow fashion.

What exactly is fast fashion you ask? I’m glad you did. Since we most go over the slow fashion definition on the blog I’m excited to shed some light on the latter.

Fast fashion is essentially new clothing articles produced at extremely fast rates for incredibly low prices. With little to no care for the safety of the manufactures or impact the production on the planet.

Most big popular clothing store brands like forever21, urban outfitters, walmart,target etc. are fast fashion.

However more and more brands are becoming aware of the problems their ways are causing. Which is great news!

Every step in the right direction, no matter how small, is a step. And I truly believe it’s important to encourage brands that are taking steps in the right direction.

A number of fast fashion brands now offer eco-friendly clothing lines! Which means you might not have to give up your favorite store cold turkey!

Fast fashion brands that offer eco-friendly clothing lines:

1. Asos Eco-Edit – Previously known as the “green room” asos’ eco edit first launched in 2010 as a way for customers to purchases sustainable fashion. Every item within the collection is made in support of people and the planet. Building communities, developing fair trade and empowering artisianal skills. (via asosplc.com)

2. H&M conscious collection – While the slow fashion community is divided on H&M and their “sustainable” practices, it can’t be denied that they are making slides. While their sustainability page raises a few questions they now have an entire collection dedicated solely to clothing made from recycled materials including discarded candlesticks and fishnets. (via H&M.com)

3. Urban renewal – Urban outfitters line of vintage clothing! Kind of like online thrifting but on a much more serious level. The collection consists of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, remade pieces, remnants, and original vintage pieces. Which is all kinds of cool because you can truly get one of a kind vintage pieces or really neat remade pieces. Either way you’re getting something original and different and supporting the planet in the mean time.

fast fashion brands that offer eco friendly lines

And there you have it! Have you tried any of these lines? Let me know down below!

It’s super exciting to see fast fashion companies taking initiative and starting to change their production habits. Even if it’s only for one line. It’s also great, as the consumer to reach out and let them know you like the steps they are taking and would love to see more of those steps with their whole brand.

There’s a quote that goes

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want to see.”

-Anna Lappe

There is power in your purchase and as a consumer, there is power in your feedback. Without us, as consumers, brands can’t make money. Simple as that. Don’t underestimate your voice.

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