How to get Highend makeup for cheap!

You guys know that when it comes to makeup and fashion, I pride myself in the ability to save money. Budget style for life! I also believe that drugstore makeup is just as good, if not better than highend makeup.

That being said, I still really like some high end makeup. I’ve been asked how I own so much high end makeup when I boast about not liking spending that much money on it. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I NEVER pay full price for it. You heard me. All of the high end makeup that I own has cost me a fraction of the original price tag and I’m going to be showing you just how to get highend makeup for cheap!

how to get highend makeup for cheap

1. Birthday and black Friday specials

Sephora is probably my favorite place to get high end makeup. When you sign up to become a member you get a special free gift (with purchase) any time during your birthday month!

Black Friday is another time they often have mini little product sets for about $10-$15 only! No other purchase required! Although neither of these specials are full sized products, they’re still just as good. I still have tarte mini blushes from a year ago that aren’t used up yet. They’re a pretty decent size! in the photo below you can see some lippies, mascaras and blushes I’ve received from these birthday and black Friday specials!

how to get highend makeup for cheap


2. Winners, Home sense and marshals

All of these stores are the same brand though depending where you live the name may vary. Here in Manitoba, Canada we have a Winners. But anyway, winners is a store where you can get loads of high end brands for a fraction of the price. Home decor, makeup, clothing, you name it.

The beauty department is usually my first stop during a trip to winners. Lately they’ve been getting an abundance of high end makeup in from too faced, Anastasia, the balm, tarte etc. The selection is ever changing so check your local store often.

I’ve found tons of amazing deals on products and they’re always at least half price if not more.

how to get highend makeup for cheap

how to get highend makeup for cheap

They always have a sticker with the price and a “compare at” price. This one i bought for $7.99, compare at $16 but on the website it’s actually $20! ba da bing ba da boom. Saved over half the original price!

3. Boxycharm subscription

No, this isn’t sponsored. Though feel free to hit me up, boxycharm 😉

Boxycharm is by far the best beauty subscription box out there, in my opinion. For $21 ($25 if you’re canadian) a month you get 4-5 FULL SIZED beauty products delivered straight to you! As a Canadian I’ve always been weary of subscription boxes to do exchange rate and shipping but even after that it adds up to about $30 a month which is totally doable.

The best part is it includes a sheet that let’s you know how much each product is worth. Usually one product is worth more than you paid for the entire box! We’re talking $45 eyeshadow pallets, $20 lipsticks and more! It’s crazy what an amazing deal this subscription box is!

I honestly can’t say enough good thing. You’re essentially getting 5 full sized high end products for the price of one! Here are a few of my favorite products I’ve received since starting my subscriptions a few months ago.

how to get highend makeup for cheap

PUR cosmetics soiree pallet: $32

Becca cosmetics pressed highlighter: $38

Dr. Brandt pores no more primer: $38

Tarte tarteist lip paint: $25

Tarte Tarteist lash paint: $30


If that’s not an insane bang for you buck, I don’t know what is.

Well there you have it! The three ways I get highend makeup for super cheap! Don’t forget to pin this post and share it with your friends who want to know how to get highend makeup for cheap!



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