How to achieve your goals in 2019

How to achieve your goals in 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again, the end.  Whoa that sounds dramatic. The holidays are over and we are just about ready to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to the new year!

It’s a time of reflection on what this past year was, what we did and what we accomplished and sometimes…what we didn’t accomplish.

So if you’re setting yourself some goals for the new year but have no idea how you’ll achieve them then just keep on reading!

I’ve got some of the best tips to make sure you actually achieve your goals this year!

How to achieve your goals in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Take out a piece of paper or open a word document on your computer and brain dump everything onto it. That’s a  not-so-pretty way to say just write down everything you can think of.

All of your goals, dreams, ambitions. Everything you wanted to achieve this last year but did not. Seriously, hold nothing back, just get it all out there.

Step 2: Now with all your ideas in front of you, narrow it down to the most important goals. The goals that you think would be the most achievable within a years span.

It doesn’t matter how many goals you walk away with as long as they are the most important and most attainable goals.

Step 3: Make your goals S.M.A.R.T goals.

What is a S.M.A.R.T goal you may ask? It stands for:

S: Specific – Make sure they are super specific goals, you don’t have time to be vague.

M: Measurable – Make sure you know when you have achieved your goals.

A: Actionable – Have an actionable plan to achieve these goals.

R: Realistic – Are your goals realistic? Becoming a rocket scientist in one year isn’t all too realistic. (Sorry)

T: Timely – keep yourself accountable by setting a time frame for each goal.


Let me walk you through an example:

Goal: Save $1,000 in 2019

Specific: $1000 is a specific amount. I set this instead of making my goals simple to “save money”

Measurable: How will I know I have achieved this goal? By simply checking my bank account.

Actionable: I will put aside $20 every week for 1 year.

Realistic: Financially, I should be able to put aside $20 a week. Making this a realistic goal for me.

Timely: The goal is to save $1,000 within one year. 

See how this works?

By taking the time to write out your goals and make an action plan for each one will give you a step by step plan to ensure that you achieve your goals this year.

It’s important to remember that you won’t achieve anything if you don’t change. Big goals require sacrifice. You have to be willing to sacrifice your old way of a life for a new, driven way of life.

Let me know what your goals are down below an don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration!

how to achieve your goals

how to achieve your goals this year



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