Cutting the chemicals: How to make the switch to toxin-free living

Cutting the chemicals: How to make the switch to toxin-free living

There are chemicals everywhere. You might not think that microwaving your food in plastic or using your makeup products or even an air freshener would be harmful to your health, but it is. It could be detrimental.

I feel like I always have to reiterate in these natural living posts that I don’t mean to sound paranoid or make it seem that you should be paranoid of all the things around you. 

But honestly, I do feel that way some times. I used to think that if something was dangerous to us, it wouldn’t be in the products we use every day! But as I explained in my 10 most toxic things in your house post, this isn’t the case at all. 

The scary truth is there are chemicals that can harm us all around us. Lurking in the products we use on our skin, cook our food with, use on our children/pets, etc. 

And chances are you’ve actually been affected by these toxins before and just never noticed it or put it together!

For example, candles have always given me serious headaches and some have even made me nauseous. I always thought I was just sensitive but candles are usually made with paraffin wax which releases benzene and toluene when burned which can cause headaches and even more serious problems like asthma and birth defects. Yikes.

While these things may be scary, cutting back on the chemicals doesn’t have to be. It can be really easy to start making the switch to toxin-free living. 

Toxin-free living switches:

1. Stop using plastic 

Other than the million and one environmental reasons to quit using plastic, you should also stop using it for your health.

Different plastics have different levels of toxicity but none of them are good. The chemical PET or PETE that’s found in plastic water bottles and juice bottles has been known to cause cancer, menstruation and pregnancy issues. 

BPA is considered the worst chemical and has also been found in water bottles and even medical equipment. 

We drink from these items, store and heat our food in these items and those chemicals can have serious health consequences. 

2. Start making your own products

Any item with a skull on it, or could melt my skin off is a big no-no for me. Why would I want to use a product that could potentially melt my skin? 

If it’s not good topically, why would I put it on the things I touch every day? I seriously can’t wrap my head around it. 

I don’t like to clean with chemicals and toxins. I prefer to make all my cleaning products and even a few other around-the-house products.

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3. Switch to clean beauty

If I’m not comfortable cleaning my home with chemicals, I’m certainly not comfortable putting chemicals on my skin. 

Some ingredients in your makeup can cause inflammation, brain fog, organ issues, hormonal imbalances, skin irritations, immune deficiency,  and on the more serious side, risk of cancer.

Do your research and start using some safe and clean makeup products.

To learn more about clean beauty and making the switch, read my post on it here

4. Steer clear of packaged and processed foods

Packaged and processed foods contain a ton of additives, preservatives and tons of other toxins used to preserve the food for longer. 

Try to only stock your fridge with as fresh food as possible. 

5. Stop using artificial fragrances

Candles aren’t the only dangerous fragrance product you should be looking out for. Air fresheners and room sprays are quite toxic as well. 

Find alternative ways to fragrance a room such as all-natural soy candles, DIY room sprays or essential oil diffusers. 

6. Use reusable period products or chemical free ones

Most pads and tampons contain bleach and other harmful chemicals. And I for one, as a person with a vagina, do not like having harsh chemicals so close to my lady bits. 

The best option would either be a menstrual cup or reusable cloth pads. These contain no chemicals. The next best option would be to use organic and bleach-free menstrual products. 

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7. Buy used and organic clothing

That “new clothes” smell is actually the chemicals that were used to make it. More than 8,000 chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of clothing. That’s 8,000 chemicals you’re exposing your body to just by wearing clothing.

By choosing organic and natural clothing and materials, you’re choosing a much healthier option for your body and the planet. 

how to make the switch to non-toxic living

Those are just a few of my simple toxin-free living tips! It doesn’t take a lot, just a few conscious decisions to make a real difference in your life!

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