How to practice Mindfulness everyday


  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

That is the definition that google gives. And it’s pretty dang accurate. But other than the textbook definition, what really is mindfulness, truly?

To me, mindfulness is yes, about being present. But in every way. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. It’s tuning into your surroundings, planting your feet on the ground, feeling your heart beat.

The art of practicing mindfulness is truly a beautiful thing once you can tap into it and really harness it to it’s full potential.

But how exactly do you do that? There are dozens of ways but today I’m going to be breaking down the easy and practical ways I bring mindfulness into my life everyday.

everyday ways you can practice mindfulness

Everyday ways to practice mindfulness:

1. Meditate.

Meditation can look like a lot different ways for a lot of different people. For me, I try to do it multiple times a day, whenever I have a few spare movements. Wherever I am I simply close my eyes, and take 10 deep breaths. I like to focus on my heartbeat or wherever I know I’m carrying stress.

This is a really great way to refocus on yourself in the present moment.

2. Keep a gratitude Journal.

I start every morning by writing down three things that I am grateful for and end every night by writing down three good things that happened that day.

This really helps me focus on the positive things in my life and live in the moment.

3. Be aware of your thoughts and change them if necessary.  

I think society has trained us to have a lot o negative thoughts. From a first judgement on someone to something about ourselves. Being aware of these thoughts is a way to practice mindfulness. Take notice of them and change them if necessary.

4. Practice self care. 

However that looks for you. Taking a bubble bath, going for a walk, reading a book, using a color book. Set time aside for you and focus on yourself. Being mindful of the things around you starts with yourself. Be mindful of yourself first.

5. Slow down your eating.

We are creatures of habit and often we eat on autopilot. Remind yourself while eating to take breaks and to breathe in between bites. One helpful tip I received was to put your food/fork down in between each bite. Not only is this physically better for your digestion but it’s also a great way to be in the moment and practice mindfulness.

6. Tune into your breathing.

Similar to meditating but doesn’t take quite as much concentration. A few times a day take a moment and notice your breathing. Slow it down if needed.

how to practice mindfulness everyday

And there you have it! Six super easy and practical ways you can practice mindfulness everyday!

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