How to talk to your friends about sustainability

How to talk to your friends about sustainability

I can tend to get a little over-excited when I find something I’m passionate about. Over the past year and a half, that’s been living more sustainably.  

I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to talk about it and honestly, I was getting a little preachy. Not that I meant too, I was literally just so excited.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat and people have started rolling their eyes whenever you talk about sustainable living. But it’s tricky because this lifestyle is so exciting that you just want to share it with everyone! 

So how do you talk to your friends about sustainability?

how to talk to your friends about sustainability

1. Don’t be preachy

No one will want to listen to what you have to say if you’re coming at it with a “holier than thou” attitude. Don’t make it seem like you know everything and they know nothing. Also, don’t judge or make comments when they’re not living the same way as you. It’s a surefire way to put them off.

2. Lead by example

This tip requires less talking and more showing, but as we all know, actions speak louder than words. 

Make sure you’re living your example. Bring your reusable straw when you go out with friends or pick up litter you see while on a jog. You’d be surprised by how easily this can lead to a conversation all about sustainability! 

If this does happen, use the opportunity to share why you love living sustainably.

3. Share it as your passion (cause it is)

Friends love what other friends are passionate about. They support each other’s dreams, goals, and lifestyles. So be sure to emphasize why you love being sustainable and caring for the planet. Don’t just go on and on about statistics. 

The more you care about something, the sooner your friends will also take an interest.

4. Talk about it casually and often 

Since it’s a big part of your life, be sure to bring it up often. But please, do so casually.  You don’t want to force a conversation on this subject. The more you bring it, the more your friends will realize it’s important to you and they’ll expect to hear about it.

5. Be gentle

In order to successfully share this part of your life and encourage your friends to join you in it, you have to approach it gently. Along with not being preachy, also don’t guilt or make others feel bad for their lesser sustainable choices. Gently guide them, when the time is right to a better alternative.

6. Be sympathetic 

Living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t always easy and can be quite costly when investing in sustainable pieces and ethical fashion. This makes it harder for people, not to mention intimidating. 

Don’t assume that everyone can be where you are instantly or have the means to be. Understand where your friends are coming from and what their situation is. Be sympathetic and if they’re open to it, suggest other ways they can participate in the movement. 

how to talk to your friends about sustainability

There you have it, six ways you can start talking to your friends about sustainability. I  hope these ideas give you the confidence you need to start sharing your passions with those in your life. 

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