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How to wear Mom Jeans

Ah yes, Mom Jeans. The new “boyfriend” jeans, if you will. They’re comfy, versatile and totally in style again. But with any new trend comes the age old question “How do I pull it off?” Never fear my friends, I’m showing you my 4 favorite ways to style mom jeans.

1.Over sized t-shirt –

This is one of my favorite looks. Super comfy and casual. (But lets be real, all these looks are comfy)

mom jeans

mom jeans


Since it’s still freezing over here in the great white north, a cardigan never hurt anyone. The chunkier the better in my opinion.

mom jeans

mom jeans

3.Casual long sleeve –

For this look I paired the mom jeans with a good old fashioned Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeved top. Instantly classic and chic.

mom jeans

mom jeans

4. Baggy sweatshirt –

This is probably my favorite way to style mom jeans at the moment. This look just scream “90’s fashion” to me.

mom jeans

mom jeans

And those are all my tips on how to wear this current trend! I hope you enjoyed,if you did, don’t forget to share this post!


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