Want to live more sustainably?

I believe that the seasons go hand-in-hand with sustainability. We can take advantages of what each season has to offer and use it to reduce our waste, and live more consciously and slowly.
In season & Sustainability is a seasonal guide teaching you how to live sustainably through each Holiday and every season.

show me how!

what's included?

winter seasonal eating guide
vegan winter recipes
herbal remedies for the wintertime

how to embrace the winter season
winter diys
and more!

This magazine is for you if...

You want to reduce your waste without spending a ton of money
You want to learn how to eat seasonally to reduce your carbon footprint and be more in tune with nature
You want to learn some traditional herbal remedies to combat cold and flu season
You want to spend less time hating winter and more time embracing all the season has to offer

Without sacrificing an ounce of fun!

frequently asked questions:

is this a subscription?

it is currently not a recurring subscription. A new seasonal edition will be release quarterly (every three months) and you will have to purchase it each time instead of being charged every 3 months. This allows people to skip editions more easily if they choose too.

do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, I am unable to offer refunds. I worked very hard to make this magazine jamm-packed with info that makes this purchase worth it.
If you have an questions about the magazine please send an email to hello@alittlerosedust.com

what makes you qualified?

nothing! other than years of practice and experience. When I started my zero waste journey I was the only one I knew doing it. it felt very isolating and I had to learn a lot of these things on my own. having been on this journey for a few years now I want to extend my knowledge to you to help you be able to reduce your waste faster and feel a little less alone on your journey.

Hi there! I'm Caity.

I'm the face behind A little Rose Dust and the author of In Season & Sustainability Magazine.

I started my zero-waste journey more than 3 years ago and documented everything on the blog.

Now It's my passion to share and teach others how they can live a more sustainable lifestyle without spending a lot of money!


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