Modcloth first impressions

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I’ve admired Modcloth for YEARS before I finally made a purchase this spring. And now I’m sad I waited so long! Modcloth is what dreams are made of!

Everything I’ve purchased, I’ve already worn to death.

This skirt I bought way back in February specifically for the fair our city hosts every summer! I knew it’d be perfect and it was! It’s a wonderful length, a soft material and the pattern is oh so cute! Covered in cotton candy, corn dogs, popcorn and all the lovely street fair food! Plus it has pockets!!! Say what?!?

Ladies, we know how hard it can be to find ANYTHING with pocket let alone a skirt or dress! Double win!


My second favorite item I got was this bicycle sweater. I probably wear it too much, judging from my Instagram 😉 It’s soft, cropped and goes perfectly over dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it! It’s such a versatile sweater that truly makes the purchase worth it.


And we HAVE to talk about these pants! Not only are they gorgeous but they are so lightweight and breezy that they’re perfect for summer! The best part is they have pockets as well!


All in all my first impressions of Modcloth are fantastic! The customer service is great and my stuff arrived so quickly with no problems.

The quality is amazing and with the fun retro, vintage and quirky clothes, the site has something for everyone! Not to mention the wacky decor.

It’s officially my new favorite site and I would recommend it to anyone!

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