Natural deodorants worth raving about

Natural deodorants worth raving about

Most people are so busy being concerned with the food and products they put into their bodies that they often neglect their largest organ: Their skin.

That’s right, our skin is our largest organ and protects the rest of our bodies. It’s about time we start being mindful of the products and the ingredients that go onto our skin. You can make small changes starting simply with which deodorant you use.

The most know chemicals found in your deodorant are aluminum and parabens. But tons of other lesser-known chemicals lurk in your deodorant. Such as artificial colors, triclosan, propylene-glycol and more.

Aluminum is the anti-sweat ingredient that does its job, but only by clogging your pores and trapping the sweat inside.

Other ingredients have been known to cause skin irritation and even breast cancer. I don’t say that to scare you, but it’s something to be aware of. And just plain icky. Best to stay clear of traditional deodorant.

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natural deodorants

Here are some of my favorite Natural Deodorants.

1. Schmidt’s natural deodorant 

Schmidt’s is an award-winning brand best known for its natural deodorant. They are formulated with essentials oils which means no artificial fragrances. Free of all those nasty chemicals including aluminum, it has a non-greasy and non-sticky consistency.

natural deodorants

2. Tom’s of Maine deodorant 

Made with only ingredients sourced directly from nature and free from any animal products, and artificial fragrances and preservatives. Tom’s is also responsible for their packaging, using recycled materials and striving to reduce waste through recyclability and biodegradability. This product is an all-around favorite of mine.

 natural deodorants

3. Green Beaver Lavender natural deodorant 

This Canadian brand makes some of my favorite all-natural products from sunscreen to lip balm to deodorant. This lavender scent is subtle but so beautiful. It leaves no residue and goes on clear. I’ve also found that unlike some natural deodorants there’s no need to reapply throughout the day! 

natural deodorant

4. Native Coconut & Vanilla deodorant 

This deodorant truly takes the cake. I’d heard about it for so long before finally biting the bullet and trying it. (The only reason it took so long because it’s not available ins stores where I live so I had to order it.) But oh boy am I so excited that I did! 

This deodorant is amazing. It’s paraben and aluminum-free which is super important in a deodorant. It also comes in so many fun scents including seasonal scents!

natural deodorants

I truly believe in cutting back chemicals wherever possible and I hope this post gave you a little inspiration and help if you’re looking to start cutting back too. We don’t need to be concerned with just the products that go into our bodies but also the products we put onto our bodies. After all, your skin is your largest organ.

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