A Guide to Eating Seasonally in Summer

Before factory farming and preservatives, people only had one option: to eat seasonally. As the years have gone by and the world has progressed we’ve become used to being able…

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How to Sustainably Dispose of Old Makeup and Cosmetics

Most makeup and cosmetic products come in some sort of plastic packaging. Worse yet, they’re often wrapped in more plastic. But once we’re done with these products, what do we…

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Zero Waste Living with Pets

Are you zero waste living with pets? Cutting back waste when it comes to our pets can be the last thing on our minds. After all, how much waste do…

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How Minimalism Benefits the Planet

Minimalism has been a hot topic since Marie Kondo’s Netflix special a few years ago. I personally never watched it but I know it impacted and inspired a lot of…

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DIY Organic Lip Balm (Burt’s Bees Dupe!)

Lip balm was one of the first DIY projects I ever made and it’s the one I seem to make over and over again. I love this DIY organic lip…

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Black Owned Sustainable Businesses

I’ll be honest with you all: Until everything that happened since the murder of George Floyd, I didn’t notice the lack of black influencers I was following in my space.…

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