Practical ways to reduce stress

We all deal with stress. Big or small. Stress affects our day to day lives. And it can fester and honestly ruin our days if it gets bad enough.

While we can’t always prevent the stresses of life, we can do a number of things to help reduce our stress.

Living with a chronic illness mans that stress can often be a trigger for my symptoms. These are a few tricks I’ve learned that help reduce or lessen my stress from day to day.

How to reduce stress:

1. Take control of your breathing. -In a stressful situation, I often feel myself getting worked up and heading towards a not so great place. It’s important to recognize this and take control of your breathing. Slow it down, try not to let your heart rate get up. Take a deep breath and breath out for 10 seconds. Do this several time and solely concentrate of your breathing.

2. Take a bath. – Not just any bath. The best baths consist of essential oils or Epsom salts. Both of these are incredible at relaxing the body and in turn, helping reduce stress. A quick 20 minute soak a day has helped wonders for physically reducing signs f stress.

3. Journal. – Journaling is a great habit to get into in general and I can’t recommend it enough. Some times you don’t have some one to talk to or you just don’t feel like talking! Journaling is a great way to vent and release some serious steam down on paper. It always feels so relieving after a good writing session.

4. Spend time away from your phone. – Seriously. Turn it off. Maybe talk a walk, read a book or take a bath! (wink wink)

Spend a little time with your phone off. It does wonders for your mood and for your soul.

5. Meditate. – Spend some time meditating. Find a quiet zone and get your body relaxed. By meditating you help your body step away from it’s natural flight or fight response to whatever stress you’re dealing with.

6. Treat yourself. – No, I don’t mean stress sop. But maybe indulge in something you really like. Like an expensive coffee you don’t get to have everyday or a cookie. Something that’s just for you. I’ve found that this can be a wonderful way for me to relax and boost my mood when I’m feeling extra stress.

And there you have it! 6 practical ways on how to reduce stress every day.

How do you like to reduce stress? Let me know down below!

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