Self care Ideas for fall + DIY pumpkin spice body scrub

Self care Ideas for fall + DIY pumpkin spice body scrub

I’m super excited for today’s post because it contains a number of my favorite things!

Self care, fall and DIY body products! Win win win! It’s gonna be a fun post!

The fall is just the perfect time to try out some new self care ideas. The air gets crisp, the leaves are falling and naturally all we want to do is cozy up.

But as the year starts winding down things tend to get really hectic and often we tend to push taking care of our selves to the side. I’m here to remind you to stop! Take care of yo’ self.

Self care has been the saving grace in my road to recovery battling my chronic illness. Not only is it important to our over physical health but it’s also detrimental to our mental health.

So let’s cozy up and dive into some of my favorite ways to practice self care this fall season! + stay tuned to the end to catch my pumpkin spice body scrub recipe!

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self care ideas

Self care ideas

  1. Get outside – Yes, the air is starting to get chillier but I urge you to try and get outside! Bundle up and get outside for a walk or a bike ride. Or find a quiet park bench and read a book! The fresh crisp air does wonders for your soul. Seriously. Take in a deep breath and enjoy it before the snow comes.
  2. Cozy up with a brand new fuzzy blanket – It really is the little things in life isn’t it? Theres nothing quite like the feeling of a soft, fuzzy new blanket!
  3. Go shopping for a new fall wardrobe – Indulge a little. If you’re a little tight for cash, hit up those thrift stores! Treat yourself to some new comfy sweaters to get yourself ready for the season. Check out my ethical fall wishlist here!
  4. Make your own Pumpkin spice latte – Not only will this save you a TON of money over the season but there’s something therapeutic about brewing your own PSL and smelling the sweet fragrance. And you can make it as healthy as you want! Here is my favorite recipe!
  5. Make a gratitude list – Regardless if thanksgiving is in October or November for you, you can always make a gratitude list! Take out a notebook and really, really take the time each and every day to sit, think and write out the things you are most grateful for. This will do wonders for your mood and outlook and really is just a great practice to get into the habit of.
  6. Have a cheesy Halloween movie marathon – ‘Tis the season after all! This is one of my favorite activities for the fall time. I always binge my favorite Disney channel Halloween movies like hocus pocus, twitches and Halloweentown! So gather up your favorite movies and get to binge-ing! The cheesier the better!
  7. Experiment with new fall makeup – One of the best parts of the changing seasons is all the new makeup tutorials hitting Youtube! Block out a good chunk of time and try out a new tutorial! You can really have fun with this one and just go crazy!
  8. Plan an at home spa day – Ah yes, the best for last. There are countless things you could do during a spa day. You could invite your friends or go solo on this one! Either will do, it just depends what you need. So light some candles, paint your nails (with the best colors for fall found here) put on a face mask, hair mask, take a bath and really spoil in yourself! Including with this DIY pumpkin spice body scrub!

DIY Pumpkin spice body scrub

You will need:

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon almond oil (not almond extract)

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup sugarself care ideas for fall

First you’ll want to combine the coconut oil, almond oil, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla and stir to combine.

Once it’s well mixed Slowly add the sugar and continue to mix until it’s a crumbly-like texture! You can always add more sugar to reach desired consistency.

self care ideas for fall

Then throw it into a cute little jar and use during your next shower or bath to exfoliate and cleanse your skin!

I love making DIY products because they’re 100% natural and safe and not to mention…edible. I mean…what?

Oh, and the smell is to die for! You’ll leave your bath smelling like a fall snack!

self care ideas for fall

And there you have it! Everything you need for the perfect fall spa day!

Not to mention all the other self care ideas you should be checking out this season!

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self care ideas for fallself care ideas for fallself care ideas for fall

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