Signs you need a style refresh

It’s usually this time of year, after Christmas but not quite spring yet where I go a little stir-crazy.

I’m tired of the cold, my surroundings, my routine and all I want is to be able to throw on a dress and walk out the door without getting frostbite.

But alas, we’re still quite a ways from that.

I know lots of us tend to wait until spring to buy new clothes but if you live somewhere cold, some times waiting doesn’t cut it.

Some times, our wardrobe just needs a refresh button. Because some times, it can get a little repetitive bundling up in the same sweaters day in and day out.


Here are 6 signs you need a mid-season style refresh:

6 signs you need a style refresh

1. You find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear” everyday. This is a great indicator that you’re feeling bored of your current wardrobe and could use a little revamp or “refresh”.

Refresh doesn’t have to mean buying more, it could simple mean thinking outside the box and finding new ways to style old things. In ways you haven’t before. This is a refresh.

2. Your go-to pieces are starting to look a little too-loved.  I get it. We’ve all had those pair of jeans from a decade ago that we always go back to. But it’s time to face it. They’re served their time.

One of the hardest parts of a style refresh is actually switching things up and learning how to let go of our favorite pieces. But it’s time to get out there and find some new favorites.

3. You spend more time planning your outfit for an evening out then you do actually being out. I’ve definitely been there. 3 days to plan an outfit, only 3 hour at the event.

This is a sure sign that you could use some new and exciting pieces. Pieces that are easily made into and outfit and don’t require tons of effort to put together.

6 signs you need a style refresh

4. You get upset every time you think about what you’re gonna wear next. Every so often the thought of “What am I gonna wear tomorrow?” just makes me downright upset.

I love the feeling of purchasing a few items and thinking “I can’t wait to get dressed tomorrow!”

If you’ve been feeling a little upset at your current closet situation, it may be time for a style refresh.

5. You’re entire wardrobe looks like it came from a mid 2000’s sit com. Or any tv show for that matter. Gossip Girl may be a good show but if you’re still looking to Blair for style advice then, I hate to break it to you, but you may need to do a complete closet over-haul.

6. You’re always under dressed. The need for a cocktail dress may be slim but you never know when you just might need to whip one out.

It never hurts to have a few options in your closet. Trust me.


Are you guilty of any of these things? let me know down below if you’re in need of a serious style refresh!

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