Sustainable gift ideas for him

I find shopping for men to be one of the more daunting holiday tasks. It’s easy enough to run to your local Walmart or Target and grab something boring like a shirt or some dress socks but when you’re on a mission to shop consciously, it takes a whole new level of thought. 

Especially since a lot of ethical fashion and ethically made accessories seem to be geared towards women. I’ve heard that shopping sustainably is harder for men and so gifting ethically for them must be harder as well. 

Well, yes and no. It took a bit more digging but you’d be surprised to find out how many ethically made things from clothing to accessories to shoes there are for men.

So whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, brother, husband, father or anyone in between! I’m sure you’ll find something for them on this list of sustainable gift ideas for him!

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sustainable gift ideas for him

Sustainable gift ideas for him:

Pala Neo sunglasses

These chic sustainable sunglasses are sure to match any guy’s taste all while protecting his eyes. 

Pala eyewear puts people and the planet before profit, always. Their packaging is sourced responsibly and all print materials come from recycled paper.

Good Gifts Satellite messenger bag

Because guys should be able to carry all their stuff around without the stigma. This sleek messenger bag can hold his laptop, tablet and all the necessities he needs for a day out. 

The best part about this bag? It was made from organic cotton by human trafficking survivors in India! 

Good Gifts Edwin Leather Wallet

A perfect addition to satellite messenger bag, this wallet is beautifully handmade in the Dominican republic using ethically sourced leather.

What does that mean? The animal was not killed for the leather.

Nisolo Men’s belt in Brandy

Fairtrade and sustainably made, this belt is the perfect accessory for any man, no matter his style. 

Nisolo workers receive well above minimum wage and they always put the planet and it’s animals first. So even though this is a leather belt, it was ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Pela Phone case

Pela’s phone cases are 100% plastic-free and plant-based making them compostable! When they’re done being phone cases, they’ll return back to the earth leaving not race behind!

They’re also protective and incredibly smooth. You customize the case color to the person you’re shopping for!

Ten thousand villages head honcho mug

For the leader type in your life, this handmade, glazed ceramic mug is the perfect addition to their office or home! 

Krochet Kids Hawthorne beanie

Made in Peru, this beanie is soft, stretchy and warm ensuring to fit any head!

Every product from Krochet Kids is hand signed by the person who made it so you know where it came from.

Everlane 365 fleece crew sweater

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to dress the men in my life. This cozy fleece sweater would make the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially during the colder months! 

Everlane prides itself in transparency. From their factories to their production, you can be sure you’re getting something ethical.

Earth hero Positive vibration 2 Bluetooth headphones 

With 10-12 hours of battery life, these headphones will last anyone with a long commute or those who just like to jam out while they work. 

These headphones are not only foldable but also made from FCS certified wood and recycled aluminum making them kind to the planet.

Earth hero Klean kanteen

This insulated tumbler keeps drinks hot up to 4 hours and cold for 20 hours making it the perfect gift for that guy in your life who’s always on the go.

Not only is it made sustainably but it will also help to reduce the plastic and paper waste created when taking drinks to go.

So not only is this a gift for someone in your life but also a gift to the planet!

Shopping consciously is an adjustment but once you get the hang of things it’s like second nature. There are so many beautiful items out there that we’re made by real people and deserve to have good homes.

I hope you enjoyed my sustainable gift ideas for him post! Be sure to share this post and as always, follow me on Instagram for daily ethical fashion and low waste living inspiration! 




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