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7 sustainable underwear brands

It’s a known fact that clothing produces a huge amount of waste every year. Whether its the resources companies waste to make their clothes like energy and water or the chemicals that they pour into our clothes that one day end up in a landfill.

The fashion industry is wasteful and neglects their carbon footprint.

If you’re into slow fashion or interested in picking up a few environmentally conscious pieces then you’re come to the right place.

I’m sharing 7 sustainable underwear brands that you can feel good in and feel good supporting.

sustainable underwear brands

8 Sustainable Underwear brands:

1.Everlane – Everlane has a small selection of gorgeous, everyday underwear. From bodysuits to bralettes to just about every style of underwear including bikini, high-rise hipsters, low rise hipsters and thongs.

The best part is that all of the underwear is 3 for $27 which, trust me is way better than Victoria Secret’s 7 for $30 because these are made out of supima cotton. Which, as we know, cotton is the absolute best fabric you want downstairs. Plus, no forced labor was used to make the undies! Score!

2. Naja – Naja has to be my favorite on the list, I just love everything they stand for. Their goal is to empower women, not objectify them. They use women of all shapes, sizes and age in their campaigns!

Their garment factory mainly employs single mothers or female heads of household and pay them above minimum wage so they can provide for their families. Every child of a naja employee receives school supplies and books and their school meals paid for by naja.

Now, onto the undies. They have everything you could imagine from underwear, thongs, seamless undies, t-shirt bras, bralettes, bustiers, unlined, lined and even active wear! They create all of this and keep their carbon footprint so tiny its barely noticeable by using digital printing for designs and include recycled plastic bottles in their materials.

3. PACT – Using only certified organic cotton, these garments will make you feel like royalty. PACT refuses to use toxic dyes and pesticides in the production of their products making them not only safe for you but safe for the planet as well.

PACT offers women, men’s and children’s clothes but most notable for their incredibly soft and luxurious intimates.

This is quality that you can’t find anywhere else.

4. Azura Bay – A curated collection of ethical and eco-friendly lingerie, swimwear and lounge wear. Azura Bay is home to a few brands including PACT and offers eco-friendly packaging including recycled boxes, biodegradable tape, paly mailers and white tissue paper.

They offer everything from bras, bralettes, bodysuits, lounge wear, underwear, thongs and swim suits.

5. Boody – Your one stop shop for all your basic needs including underwear for men and women, bras, socks and active wear like leggings and sports bras. They even have apparel for babies.

All clothing is made from sustainably grown and sourced organic bamboo.

6. Majamas – Every piece of fabric used in these garments are sourced, made and sewn in the united states. They use eco friendly materials like organic cotton, tencel  and modal.

You can find bras and panties and underwear for men as well as an abundance of other products including apperal and lounge wear and clothes for babies too.

7. Sokoloff – Lingerie made 100% in Canada using organic cotton and bamboo. They work next to their farmers to ensure safe, healthy and fair working conditions including partnering with a local dyer.

Sokoloff has an impressive collection of bras, panties, sleepwear, bodysuits and lingerie.


These are my top picks! Each are different and unique and offer something different from the rest. But they all share the same values for our planet and the people that live on it.

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7 sustainable underwear brands


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