The benefits of using a Jade Roller

The benefits of using a Jade Roller

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Jade rollers are all of the rage right now. But have you ever wondered “why the heck is everyone so obsessed with these things??” Believe, that was my first question too.

Or maybe your skeptical and don’t really think it’s as magical as everyone’s hyped it up to be. That’s fair.

But today I’m here to shatter all those doubts and try to convince you just why a jade roller is the thing you’ve been missing in your skin care routine.

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First of all, What is a jade roller? I’m so glad your asked.

A jade roller is a handheld massaging tool made out of two jade stones, attached with a handle. Because each id make of a different stone, no two jade stones are alike! They each come with they’re own unique look and shade.

Where did they even come from? It’s pretty vague but what we do know is that it originated from Chinese beauty rituals that are centuries old.

And they have some pretty amazing benefits.

the benefits of using a jade roller

Here are the 5 benefits of using a jade roller:

1. Boosts circulation for a natural glow – Rolling the jade roller across your face can actively boost the circulation considering our face is often the most neglected when it comes to massages.

2. Encourages lymphatic drainage – Rolling the roller outwards across your skin, towards your hair line encourages lymphatic drainage. What is that you ask? Well lymph is a fluid that circulates through the lymphatic system. They can pick up bacteria and destroy them.

Massaging your face with the jade roller can help drain this fluid naturally.

3. Eliminates facial tension –  as a massage eliminates muscle tension, so does the jade roller. It’s a wonderful way to relax and give your face a break.

4. Reduces fine lines – I’d say this is a more trusted way to help reduce fine lines than all the creams and lotions on the market.

5. Gets rid of under eye bags and puffiness – We all know that puffy/tired look our skin has when we wake up. Well this is the perfect solution! This has helped wake my skin up so much, I don’t know what I was doing without it!

the benefits of using a jade roller

A few tips for getting the most out of your jade roller:

1. Keep it in your fridge for a refreshing experience – This not only feels amazing but really helps de-puff the skin when it’s cool.

2. Apply a gentle but firm pressure when rolling – You should feel a gently pressure when using your jade roller. Firm enough to have an impact and to feel good but not so hard that it hurts.

3. Work the roller from the center of your face, outward – Always start in the middle of your face and move outwards, towards your hairline. This should give better stimulation.

4. Use the jade roller on bare skin or right after serum/oils – While the jade roller doesn’t help product absorb into the skin, it can certainly help distribute it. Using your roller after serum or oils can help you feel a little more luxurious. And who doesn’t love that?

So what are you waiting for?? Go out and try one of these bad boys for yourself! You can pick up the one I’m using here.

And get ready to completely transform your skin care routine and your life! Ok, maybe it won’t drastically change your life but it’s worth a shot. My jade roller and a cup of coffee are the two things that get me out of bed these days!


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