The ultimate list of ethical and sustainable clothing brands

If you’ve made the choice to be more Eco-conscious and ethical with you’re clothing choices, then congrats! You’re starting a much more simple and conscious lifestyle and that’s something worth celebrating.

But the world of ethical and sustainable or slow fashion can be a little daunting and overwhelming. So if you’re ready to get shopping then look no further! I’ve got an ever growing list (currently 90+) brands that are ethical and/or sustainable! Enjoy!

ethical clothing brands

Ethical clothing brands:

  1. Live the give – Sustainably made wardrobe basics.
  2. Vetta Capsule – Made from recycled materials and made in factories using 70% solar power to create their clothes.
  3. Baggu – What started with reusable shopping bags has expanded to purses, travel bags and backpacks. Items use recycled materials.
  4. People Tree – Made with organic and sustainable materials People tree, based in the UK take pride in being ethical in every aspect of their business. Everyday wear, formal wear, active wear and much more.
  5. Encircled – Made with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and made directly in Toronto Canada, with fair wages.
  6. Synergy Organic clothing – Made with recycled materials, organic cotton and low-impact dye. Everyday wear, accessories, outerwear and men’s clothing.
  7. Amour Vert – Claims to be the most sustainable fashion company in the world. Made with fabrics that don’t pollute, everytime you buy a tee, they plant a tree. (So far they’ve planted more than 160,000 trees) Full range of clothing items.
  8. Citizen & Darling – Made in responsible working conditions that pay fair wages, every purchase helps stop human trafficking by donating 10% of the profits to organizations that are against human trafficking. Accessories and graphic tees with a message.
  9. Pact – Intimates and loungewear made ethically and sourced from organic cotton.
  10. The Nude Label – Locally made in a family run factory in Spain. Organic cotton made Intimates, underwear, bras and mens undergarments.
  11. Relaxed – Ethically sourced and made in the USA. Year-round pieces that help out an end to fast fashion.
  12. Brass – Versatile pieces meant to last years and made ethically in China.
  13. Levi’s – Made using less water and better cotton, they even recycle old denim and give them new life. Made in responsible and ethical factories that support and put their employees first.
  14. Naja – Premium lingerie and underwear brand that uses digital printing to print their garments making their water waste next to nothing. They empower women by employing primarily women and mothers, paying above minimum wage with health benefits and by using every day women to model the garments.
  15. Bamboo Body – Founded by two sisters and made from bamboo fabric, a highly sustainable material. They have everything from t-shirts, pants, dresses to underwear.
  16. Elementy – Made with high quality, natural fabrics. Elementy is part of the transparent shopping collective. Designed and made by local manufactures, the company maintains a family like atmosphere, working mostly under one roof.
  17. Reformation – Putting sustainability first by minimizing their waste, water and energy footprint. They invest in their employees and provide career growth. They are honest about the fact that they are not 100% sustainable yet but are working hard to get their. In the meantime they help to plant trees to battle deforestation.
  18. Ellie Kai – Their motto is “made with love in china”. Their China and Hong Kong Factories are an extension of their family, and are always treated fairly. Fabrics sourced with transparency and a limited waste ethic.
  19. Mata Traders – Putting a trendy twist and sustainable fashion this company offers an array of trendy items made ethically and sourced sustainably.
  20. Threads For Thought – Made by a husband and wife duo who saw the desperate need for change in the fashion industry. They range from active wear to everyday wear made from eco-friendly materials.
  21. Swoon Swimwear – Made proudly in the USA, swoon swimwear is made using sustainable fabrics and less chemicals.
  22. Aeon Row – All clothing from Aeon Row is made with revived fabrics which use no lands, chemicals, water or dyes to be produced making it safer for you, the employees and the planet.
  23. Mud Jeans – Not to be confused with MUDD jeans. They revive worn out jeans by using organic and recycled denim to make them new again, cutting down on water and waste.
  24. Krochet Kids – Krochet Kids employs women who live in poverty stricken areas of the world. Offering above average wages to help these women, each article is signed by the women who made it. Ensuring you know exactly where your clothes came from.
  25. Matter Prints – Using sustainable production to connect artisans and designers to create timeless, ethical pieces.
  26. Passion Lillie – Clothes made with organic, pesticide free and non-GMO cotton, and employing artisans in India with long-lasting, fair waged jobs.
  27. Liz Alig – Using recycled, handwoven and high quality materials to make their clothes and only partnering with fair trade partners.
  28. Me to We store – part of the We day movement. Handmade jewelry by women in Kenya. The store sells everything from eco-friendly school supplies to fair trade coffee, to sustainable clothing and accessories.
  29. Siizu – 100% organic and eco-friendly materials, at surprisingly affordable prices. With responsible factories in China, Japan, Mongolia and the US, the company visits the factories regularly and takes interest and care of their employees.
  30. Elegance Restored – Fairly made goods that help support the well-being of families around the world. 10% of purchases go to help families in the adoption process through “A family for every orphan”.
  31. Able – (Or FashionABLE) A one-stop shop for ethical fashion made by women in Ethiopia, Peru, Mexico and Nashville. The company employs women in poverty stricken areas to help them earn a living.
  32. Thought Clothing – Clothing made from naturally grown bamboo, cotton, hemp, cotton and wool means your clothes are free from chemicals and pesticides. These clothes are durable and made to last for years.
  33. Fair Trade Winds – Made from recycled materials to help conserve the environment and made by women earning a fair wage, this company help fight human trafficking and offers a one-stop shop from clothing and accessories to notebooks and gift ideas.
  34. Style saint – Built on the belief of “prioritizing quality, sustainability and humanity behind clothing” This company makes sustainable fashion using 99% less water made to last years and timeless pieces that can be worn year round.
  35. Frank & Oak – They might just be beginning their process to sustainable fashion but they’re doing it right but introducing recycled polyester, organic fibers and water-efficient denim. All of their clothing is made right in Canada.
  36. Stormie Dreams – Clothing made exclusively from sustainably sourced fabrics. Everything from the fabric itself to the clothes they produce is made right in Los Angeles.
  37. Christy Dawn – Only uses deadstock fabric which is the materials left over by big fashion corporation. Instead of letting the fabric go to waste and end up in landfills, Christy Dawn repurposes them into new clothes. Employees are paid a competitive and fair wage.
  38. ASOS (Eco – Edit) – A curated space on Asos’ website that sells upwards of 20 sustainable brands. Using recycled materials and sustainable cotton.
  39. Kali Clothing – Produced using sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, mud silk and recycled polyester. Made in sweatshop free facilities in Chicago and Toronto.
  40. Nobody’s Child – “Low on cost, High on Value” Nobody’s Child directly handles the entire manufacturing process by dyeing, designing and producing their own prints in order to control and limit their waste.
  41. Everlane – Designed to last and made with sustainable and high quality materials. Using the best factories across the globe, the build close and personal relationships with their owners and employees ensuring they are being treated and paid fairly.
  42. Loomstate – Loomstate advocates for long-term partners with customers and vendors alike. They strive for a future where people and the environment are valued as much as products. Which is why they work closely with farmers to produce organic materials and treat their employees with the utmost respect.
  43. Yireh – Hebrew for “will provide” Yireh is an ethical and sustainable fashion and home decor brand. They partner with two factories which meet ethical and human rights standards.
  44. Ash & Rose – Every Item is made with the planet in mind through the use of recycled and organic materials. (And shipped in very minimal packaging) Products are made in the US or fair trade artisan goods.
  45. Ten thousand Villages – Everything from fashion to home decor, to kitchen supplies, to bedding, to coffee, you name it. All made from natural and recycled materials and crafted by artisans in hopes to give them financial stability.
  46. Sotela – Made without sweatshop labour this body positive company is producing clothing in an eco-friendly manner to create timeless pieces.
  47. Cuyana – Built on the belief that less is more, they offer classic, versatile pieces made by the finest crafters in Europe, south america, china and the US. Carefully selected materials of the highest quality.
  48. Indigenous – Made out of entirely organic and natural materials. They save an estimate 13 million gallons of water in production every year. They do use Alpaca Wool but rest-assured that these animals are treated with dignity and respect and never harmed. They have a fair trade commitment and employ over 1000 artisans.
  49. Known Supply – Based on the notion that you should know where your clothes came from and who made them. Produced ethically and sustainably in Peru, Uganda and India.
  50. Matt & Nat – Matt and Nat represents “Materials and nature”. Shoes and bags made with vegan leather, making it less harmful for the environment. They insure to visit their factories and form a family like bond with their employees.
  51. Elegantees – Using fair wages in a sweatshop free environment these clothes are made ethically in Nepal. The company provides help for sex trafficking victims.
  52. Azura Bay – “a curated collection of luxurious, ethically made, eco-friendly lingerie, swimwear and lounge wear.” Produced in sweatshop free facilities in Canada, mexico, Turkey and Italy.
  53. Sancho’s dress – Conscious living without sacrificing style. Partnering with fair trade manufacturers to give you ethical and sustainable fashion.
  54. Dorsu – Made from the remnants of Cambodia’s ubiquitous garment industry to ensure no fabric goes to waste. This company prioritizing the emotional and physical well being of their employees.
  55. Sustain by Kat – Clothing made with plants and dyed with plants. Instead of releasing harsh chemicals these clothes actually remove carbon and chemicals from the air. Using organic materials and 90% less water to produce, their employees are treated with high ethical standards.
  56. Patagonia – Promoting fair wages and safe working conditions, Patagonia is part of a corporate responsibility to take better care of its employees and environment.
  57. Outdoor voices -.Activewear made from recycled polyester which is crafted from post-consumer water bottles. Manufactured in US, china, cambodia, vietnam, portugal and Italy, they prioritize safety, fair-wages, and health benefits for their employees.
  58. Eco Vibe Apparel – Made from ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials including vegan leather.
  59. Girlfriend Collective ( – Sustainable activewear made from recycled polyester and nylon. Girlfriend collective does not and will never support child or forced labour. They ensure a safe working environment for their employees.
  60. Yala – “Natural fibers and thoughtful production” They spin, dye and sew their own products in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. They employ small ethical factories of 15-30 seamstresses.
  61. Eileen Fisher – Made with organic, natural and responsible fibers. This brand puts the environment and their workers first by treating them fairly, with respect and dignity.
  62. Raven + lily – Fair trade fashion, accessories and home goods. Empowering women and ensuring a livable wage for them.
  63. Love Justly – Love justly purchases last seasons ethical and sustainable clothing from fair trade brands and sells them at a discounted price.
  64. HOPE made in the world – Child labour and sweatshop free, this company only uses the best materials in production.
  65. Hara The Label – Intimates made with bamboo fabric and natural dyes. The clothing is manufactured in Bali, indonesia by 4 tailors that work from the comfort of their own homes.
  66. Tradlands – Clothing made with natural fibres that are produced sustainably and are better or the environment. They believe in the care and craftsmanship that goes into each garment from the people that make them to the fabrics they choose. ANy materials that don’t meet their standards are either recycled or donated.
  67. Alternative Apparel – Using organic cotton, low-impact dyes and recycled polyester this company also ships your items in biodegradable packaging, really cutting down on waste. They also adhere to the fair labor association guidelines ensuring their employees are treated fairly.
  68. Armed Angels – Made with organic and recycled materials, they also use a new method for packaging your items using boxes made out of 40% grass which causes 75% less CO2 emission than wood. The clothes are also produced ethically.
  69. Monsoon – Sustainability and ethical trading is what this company is all about. They only use sustainable materials and vegetable dyes to reduce their carbon footprint.They make sure the people who make their clothes are treated fair and well looked after.
  70. Groceries apparel – 100% manufactured in the US to ensure company standards are executed and made from sustainable and organic materials including vegetable dye. This company puts people and the plant first.
  71. Wallis Evera – Geared more towards office wear, Wallis Evera uses hemp as its main source of fabric, a highly sustainable and high quality material. They only use small manufacturers to help take care of their employees.
  72. United by blue – For every product sold, they remove one pound of garbage from the world’s oceans. Their apparel is also made exclusively from recycled and organic materials.
  73. Sudara – Primarily pajamas and loungewear made proudly in india using sustainable materials, this brand offers jobs to women and through purchasing also helps free those sold into trafficking.
  74. New classics Studios – Made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen and alpaca wool which helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. They employ workers and artisans in developing countries.
  75. Miakodo New York – Produced with sustainable plant fibres like soy and bamboo. The shipping packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and their factories always make sure to put their employees first.
  76. Slum Love – Made in Kenya, Slum Love only works with factories that are responsible with production and practicing making sure employees are treated right and paid fairly. Produced in carbon neutral factories and made with organic materials that help preserve the environment.
  77. Lavender Elephant – A new twist on a thrift store. Bring in your old clothes and anything they can’t resell they will upcycle into something brand new. This cuts down on waste BIG TIME.
  78. Science Of Apparel – Using less water, energy and waste, science of apparel creates affordable clothing that isn’t toxic, but sustainable. Built to last for years.
  79. Arraei Apparel – Produced with natural hemp for sustainability and produced ethically. Every step of production cares for its employees and the planet.
  80. Cosmos Studio – A sustainable Hong Kong clothing brand. Made with high quality materials to help cut down on water usage and preserve the planet. Sustainability is this companies number one concern.
  81. Magic Linen – Bedding, kitchen fabrics and women’s clothing all handmade from linen, a natural textile from the flax plant. Made without any added chemicals.
  82. Bead & Reel –  Made in ethical and responsible facilities, employees earn a fair wages and are treated with dignity. Produced from organic, vegan, plant based and recycled materials.
  83. Kestan – Developed with natural, organic and recycled materials Kestan boasts quality fabrics at affordable prices.
  84. Elizabeth Suzann – Produced locally in Nashville and made from only the highest quality natural fabrics. They create versatile pieces that can be worn many different ways for many years so you can buy fewer pieces.
  85. Daub Active – Sustainable active wear. The company works with local sewers and factories in Vancouver, Canada. Made with less water and non-toxic dyes.
  86. Sweet lupine – Produced ethically by supporting independent designers. Products are Made in the US. Shipping and offices are eco-friendly.
  87. Ponybabe – Using only organic materials like cotton and bamboo, ponybabe is looking to incorporate 100% vegetable dyes. They don’t waste any materials, any leftovers are donated, properly recycled or used for future clothing. Items are made ethically in a local factory.
  88. Sseko designs (shoes) – Made with sustainable materials sseko employs women in Uganda to help them fight poverty and also gives them opportunities to continue their schooling in university.
  89. Etiko (shoes) –  Branded “Australia’s most ethical clothing brand” Etiko makes their products from recycled rubber and organic cotton. They work closely with their employees, give them a fair amount of benefits and also support 6000 farmers.
  90. Oliberte (shoes) – Every pair of shoes is made in a fair trade certified factory in Ethiopia employing over 70 people, (60% being women) giving them long-lasting full time jobs. They source their materials locally and use the most eco-friendly materials. (They do use leather in the most respectful way but this is not  vegan shoe company.)
  91. Po-Zu (shoes) – Made from organic materials like cotton, natural latex, wool and Pinatex (a material sourced from pineapple leaf fibres.) Made in carefully selected factories that are committed to the highest standard of ethical manufacturing.
  92. Etsy – Etsy is a wonderful site to explore and support independent makers. Just a little look around the website and you’re sure to find lots of great ethical and sustainable shops.

Make sure you check back now and then for updates to this list!




  1. Dana Kincaid
    January 28, 2019 / 7:20 pm

    I wish there was one place that we could search all of these retailers at once… an Amazon of slow- fashion. I jump to a number of sites, but the list is growing (thankfully) and I don’t know them all.

  2. August 17, 2020 / 8:34 pm

    Love this list and your blog! Nice to see you’re from Canada also 🙂

    • Caity Rose
      August 18, 2020 / 11:25 am

      Thank you! It’s always nice to e-meet another Canadian as well! 🙂

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