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Zero waste series: Your guide to a Zero waste bathroom

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Welcome back! It’s time for part two in our zero waste series:  how to have a zero waste bathroom.

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Along with our kitchen, bathrooms are known to produce quite a bit of waste as well considering most of the products we purchase and use in our bathrooms are single use items.

The amount of waste our bathrooms accumulate over time is shocking. Not only that, but the amount of money wasted on single use items. It’s better for our wallets and for the planet in the long run to invest in reusable options.

However I would like to point out that there is nothing more sustainable that what you’re using right now. What I mean by that is, if you have a perfectly good plastic hairbrush, don’t throw it out just to replace it with a bamboo one.

Use up all your products until they’re gone or broken before you purchase a more sustainable option.

With that being said, let’s jump into how to have a zero waste bathroom!

Or at the very least, a low waste one.

zero waste bathroom

1. Switch to bar soap – If you’re truly committed to a low waste lifestyle and are looking for ways to cut down waste dramatically, bar products or package free products are about to be your new best friend.

Gone are the days of body wash in plastic bottles. Bar soap is the original body wash and does a perfectly fine job of getting you clean. Be sure to look for bars that are naked or in as little packaging as possible.

2. Bar shampoo and conditioner – This switch may take a little getting used too. It might even feels a little silly rubbing a bar on your head but you’re in the shower so no one will see you anyway!

This is a wonderful, waste free alternative to traditional bottle liquid shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re not convinced, try using this brand, love beauty and planet. Not only are their bottles made from recycled materials abut are also 100% recyclable. Nor zero waste, but definitely low waste and a brand I love supporting.

3. Bamboo toothbrush – Plastic toothbrushes are cheap, flimsy and disposable. We’re meant to replace them every few months meaning they end up in landfills quite often. In fact, according to medium.com, roughly 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out each year.

None of these toothbrushes will ever breaking down meaning that they’re here to stay. By switching to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, you can assure that even when it is time to replace it, it will break down.

4. Toothpaste tablets – Another unusual switch that can take some getting used to but like I said, serious problems call for serious solutions. Ditch toothpaste tubes all together and switch to some fancy toothpaste tablets.

Perfectly portioned so nothing goes to waste, simply pop a tab in your mouth, chew it a little and them brush using a wet toothbrush! It’ll foam up nicely and give your wonderful smelling breath and sparkling teeth!

5. Stainless steel razor – Disposable razors are another HUGE contributor to plastic waste and once they’re here, they’re here to stay. Just because you threw it out and can’t see it anymore, doesn’t mean it’s not gone.

Switch to a stainless steel/safety razor for a permanent zero waste solution. Now I know, it can seem like a bit of an investment, but it’s cheaper than buying disposable razors every few months.

6. Coconut oil for shaving – Shaving creams, while they can smell nice, are a bit unnecessary. Simply switch to coconut oil to reduce waste! Not only does it also smell nice but leaves your legs so soft!

7. Lotion bar – Ah, we’re back to the bars! When going zero waste just think: Can I get this without packaging?

The answer is usually yes. Packaging wasn’t always a thing and now it’s just become excessive. A lotion bar is neater, effective and overall, less wasteful.

8. Silk floss – Oh floss. A necessity packaged in the unnecessary. Most floss is made with plastic and comes in a plastic container. Combat both of these things with silk floss!

Not only does it come in a reusable little glass jar but it’s also completely vegan! Win win!

9. Bamboo hairbrush – Similar to bamboo toothbrushes, a bamboo hairbrush is a plastic free, sustainable alternative. Meaning that it’s built to last and even after it’s life cycle, it won’t just sit in a landfill somewhere, but it will breakdown.

10. Powder dry shampoo – Switching to a powder dry shampoo in a reusable glass jar is not only better for you but for the planet as well.

11. Deodorant bar – Same deal with all the other bar products on this list. No packaging = waste free.

12. Reusable makeup wipes – The disposable cotton rounds many of us girls use to remove our makeup can attribute to a lot of waste over the years. Switching to reusable ones will save you money and they’re so easy to wash and reuse!

And there you have it! A great start to having a zero waste bathroom.

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zero waste bathroom


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