Zero waste gift ideas

Growing up, I loved getting gifts. But honestly, I didn’t love having to find new places to put all of my stuff. After a while my room was packed with things that I honestly didn’t use or even need.

At the end of the day, the last thing most of us need, is more stuff.

So instead of giving the gift or waste or more junk, here are some really awesome zero waste gift ideas that are unique, personal and super useful!

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zero waste gift ideas

Zero waste gift ideas:

1. Bulk coffee grounds with a french press – Not only is this delicious and useful but it will save plastic in the future by avoiding single-use coffee pods

2. An experience – Give the gift of an experience. This could include movie tickets, concert tickets, a weekend getaway or a spa day! There are countless experiences you could give to a loved one.

3. A candle – Cliche, but everyone loves candles and they’ll be put to good use!

4. Essential oils – They’re all the rage so why not take advantage of it and give a few to a friend.

5. Bulk loose leaf tea – Another useful gift, you can even search for DIY tea bags to go with!

6. Hot Chocolate mix – A cozy gift. Put it in a jar or in a mug so all they have to do is add hot water and mix!

7. Brownie/cookie mix – Everyone loves homemade desserts! So put all the dry ingredients of your favorite recipe into a jar and gift them the gift of homemade deliciousness and the experiences of making them!

8. Cookies – If you know someone who hates baking but loves eating, make the cookies for them and deliver them in a cute, reusable tin!

9. Bath salts – Perfect for your friend who loves a good soak in the tub!

10. Bulk candy in a jar – For the friend who has a sweet tooth! Pick up some of their favorite candy or chocolates and put them in a mason jar. (or two!)

11. A nice bottle of wine – Who doesn’t love a good wine for the holidays?

12. DIY body scrub/lotion – Perfect for the colder months with an added personal touch!

13. Knit them a sweater – or anything really! If you know how to knit you could knit your loved ones a sweater, a pair of mittens or even a scarf!

14. A plant – Or succulent for your plant-loving friend.

15. An audiobook subscription – Perfect for your friend who loves to read but doesn’t have time to read!

16. DIY bath bombs – Bath bombs are actually super easy and fun to make! Personalize them to your friend likes!

17. Lessons – guitar lessons, piano lessons, skating lessons, etc. Have fun with it!

18. Re-gift – I know this can be taboo but if you have an item just lying around that you know you’ll never use, why not consider re-gifting it to someone who will put it to good use.

19. Re-usable travel mug – Eco-friendly and oh, so useful.

20. Sustainably made cosmetics – For the makeup-loving friend in your life without the added plastic waste.

These are just a few ideas to get you inspired for the holiday season of gifting! If you liked this post, please pin it on Pinterest and follow me on Instagram for daily inspiration!


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zero waste gift ideas


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