Zero Waste Products you can get on Amazon

Let’s just talk about Amazon for a second here. 

There is a lot of grey area around their ethics from how they treat/pay their employees to how they do business. 

However, Amazon is a company that people trust. People purchase from amazon for all their daily needs. So if you’re looking to build a zero-waste life then Amazon is probably one of the first places you’ll look. 

It’s also one of the online stores most accessible to people. Everyone knows about Amazon and probably everyone has used it before. 

And let’s be real. A lot of the products you find on Amazon are more affordable. And when starting a zero waste journey, it can add up and be overwhelming trying to find the best products from multiple, expensive stores. 

Amazon is a safe choice. 

There are positives about Amazon and many reasons why you might be purchasing from them instead of a lesser-known zero-waste shop. 

And there are ways to shop from Amazon a little more sustainably. Be sure to stay until the end of the post to find out how you can shop more sustainably on Amazon!

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Zero Waste Products on Amazon:

1. A reusable Water bottle

What would a zero-waste product list be without a reusable water bottle? There are so many to choose from and so many available on Amazon, but did you know they carry brand names like the hydro flask?

The hydro flask is sleek and highly regarded in the zero-waste community. It keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and has a hand handle for carrying!

2. Reusable coffee mug

While we’re on the topic of reusable drinkware, let’s get you a KeepCup. More than 16 BILLION disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year. They’re not recyclable and they don’t break down. 

SO next time you’re out for a coffee run, be sure to take this standard size barista coffee cup!

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3. Reusable straws

This is probably one of the most bought zero-waste items. While reusable straws are just another form of plastic that won’t break down their real threat is to wildlife. 

So if you’re stopping for a drink be sure to take your reusable straw with! 

4. Bamboo toothbrushes

Another staple is a bamboo toothbrush. Over a billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills each year. Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and completely natural.

These ones from The Humble co. come in recyclable cardboard and the paper inside is completely compostable making them truly a zero-waste brush!

Plus The humble co. gives back to the humble smile foundation with each purchase. 

5. Stasher bags – 

I can’t rave about stasher bags enough. When it comes to eating on the go or storing your food these things are a plastic-free lifesaver! 

They come in so many different sizes, are made from silicone, and are microwave and dishwasher safe! They also seal perfectly to keep your food fresh and are the best alternative to plastic ziplock bags.  

6. Amber bottles

If you’re new to the blog then you might not know that I make a lot of my own products from scratch to save money and cut back on waste! These are the amber bottles I use for EVERYTHING!

Since a lot of the products I make contain essential oils for scent it’s important not to use clear or plastic bottles since the sun can interfere with the oils. These amber bottles protect any and all of your DIYs!

7. Reusable cotton rounds– 

Usually, it takes more than one cotton round to remove a full face of makeup. And more if you use them for your skincare too! And once they’re used they can’t be used again!

Invest in some reusable cotton rounds that you can throw in the wash and use time and time again! Not only does this create less waste but it’ll save you money in the long run as well!

8. Reusable grocery bags

Baggu reusable bags are my favorite to recommend because they’re so sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. They also fold up into neat little packs that can easily fit in just about any pure making them almost impossible to forget them!

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9. Produce bags

The produce aisle is littered with plastic bags for you to fill with all your fruits and veggies. Those thin, awful, never-to-be-recycled bags. I urge you to use these ones from Amazon to keep your veggies together. Plus they don’t add any weight to the scale. 

10. Reusable food wraps

Because we’ve all been reliant on plastic wrap at some point or another. I mean it’s good for everything, storing food, covering bowls, plates, etc. But it’s not good for the environment.

It’s a form of single-use plastic. A great alternative is these Bee’s wax wraps from Bee’s wraps, a certified B-corp company. 

This pack comes with three different sizes that mold and shape to whatever food item or container you’re trying to cover. Then all they need is a quick wipe down and they’re good as new and ready to be used time and time again!

11. Bamboo cutlery

We live in a very fast-pace, on the go world and some times grabbing a bit to eat while we’re out is inevitable. Heck, even some sit down places only offer plastic cutlery!

Whatever the case is, having a handy travel bamboo cutlery set with you will help you cut back on waste! This set even comes with a straw and cleaner in a cute travel pouch!

12. Silicone baking sheets

If you like to bake this one is for you. Parchment paper is waste. It’s not recyclable and it only has one, maybe two uses before its life is over. 

And let’s be honest, greasing the pan over and over can add up to costing you more money. These silicone baking sheets are designed to be used for years and they’re so easy to clean! You don’t even have to spray them, just put them in your pan and you’re ready to bake!

13. Wool dryer balls

Dryer balls cut the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets and can shorten drying time! 

These wool dryer balls are from smart sheep are made of real wool and made by women in Nepal paid a fair, living wage. 

14. Toothpaste tabs – 

This is one of my favorite zero-waste swaps! Toothpaste tabs are basically solid toothpaste that looks like little mints. They come in a glass jar so there’s no plastic and because they’re solid, less water is used in production!

Just pop one in your mouth, chew it a bit and brush like normal! These are also great for traveling!

15. French press

If you’re using a Keurig and Keurig pods you’re wasting a lot of plastic. Even with reusable K-cups, a percentage of microplastic gets through into your drink.

Regular coffee pots require coffee filters that are disposable. You could use reusable filters but one of the best and simplest options is a french press. You only need one product as opposed to multiples. Plus you can use it to make tea as well!  

How to shop more sustainably on Amazon:

1. Email customer service (

Emailing customer service can be a really good way to prevent excess plastic packaging especially if your order is coming from Amazon itself. 

Send them an email before you place your next order and ask them to make a note on your account to not use any plastics (if possible) but to at least minimize excess plastic. 

I’ve found relatively good success with this, while not perfect, it has helped to limit the amount of plastic I get with each order. 

2. Make larger orders to limit carbon emissions 

This won’t be possible if you’re purchasing from independent sellers on amazon but for the most part, try to wait until you have a few things you need before you place your order. This way there’s only one package being shipped as opposed to multiple packages. 

This is another perk of shopping at Amazon. It’s a one-stop-shop! Amazon not only carries brand names we love and trust but a lot of great eco-friendly products. This can be helpful as opposed to buying a hydro flask from their website, a KeepCup from their website, etc.

Again this limits the number of things being shipped and reduces carbon emissions. 

3. Skip the two-day shipping 

Prime may seem super convenient but think about all of the extra emissions being used to get your product to you quickly. 

We live in such a fast-paced, on-demand world. We need to practice living more slowly. It most cases you should be able to wait the extra 3-5 days for your package. 

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I hope this gave you a little zero waste inspo! All of these pieces are super helpful especially when just starting your zero waste journey.

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