DIY Dandelion Lotion

DIY Dandelion Lotion

I’ve always thought dandelions were too pretty to be considered “weeds”. Every summer when they start to bloom, people are in such a rush to kill them and get rid of them. Personally, a yard covered in the bright yellow plants looks so beautiful to me.

Dandelions are actually a type of perennial and can be used as a herb. They’re an invasive species because when they turn white and fluffy the wind transfers their seeds everywhere causing more to grow. Therefore, people consider them weeds.

But for all of history, dandelions have actually been used for their medicinal benefits because every part of the dandelion (leaves, roots, and flowers) are edible.

Dandelions are highly nutritious. They contain loads of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber! In fact, dandelion greens contain Vitamins A, C, and K. They also contain magnesium, potassium, and iron. So toss some in your next garden salad!

Dandelion root tea is also known for its liver detoxifying benefits.

When applied topically, dandelions are great at reducing irritation and inflammation and increasing hydration and collagen production!

This is exactly why I love this DIY dandelion lotion! And best of all, it’s super simple to make!

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DIY Dandelion Lotion:

What you’ll need:

How to make dandelion lotion:

1. Pick unsprayed dandelions and remove the heads from the stem. Rinse the heads in lukewarm water to remove dirt and bugs and lay flat to dry.

DIY dandelion lotion

2. In a pot on medium heat combine 1/4 cup of shea butter and a heaping tbsp of coconut oil with the dandelion heads.

Once the shea butter and coconut oil are fully melted, reduce to a simmer and let the mixture infuse for a minimum of 30 minutes stirring occasionally. You can infuse for several hours. The longer you infuse, the more beneficial the lotion will be. 

DIY dandelion lotion

3. Towards the end of the simmer time, set up a double broiler, and melt the beeswax.

4. When your dandelion mixture is done infusing, strain the mixture and press the flowers to get out all the liquid.

DIY dandelion lotion

5. If you want to add essential oils, you can add them now. My personal favorite is lavender.

6. Finally, add in the beeswax.

DIY dandelion lotion

7. Next, pour your mixture into small containers and let cool! Alternatively, you could pour them into a muffin tin to make package-free lotion bars. After they’ve set for a few hours, they’re ready to use!

DIY dandelion lotion

DIY dandelion lotion 

Recipe variations:

  • Feel free to double or triple to the recipe and make lotion bars as party favors or wedding favors!
  • Cut the beeswax to two tbsps and increase the coconut oil to two tbsps to make lip balm.
  • Cut the beeswax to 1 tbsp and increase the coconut oil to a 1/4 cup to make a soft lotion instead of a solid.

There you have it! An easy, affordable, and healing concoction for all your skin needs! 

I urge you to think twice about killing the dandelions in your yard this season, there are so many benefits and uses to this pretty plant! 

I hope you try out this DIY dandelion lotion! Make sure to tag me on Instagram (@littlerosedust) if you do!

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DIY dandelion lotion




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